Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What To Do When It All Freezes?

Have you ever thought about how to create the illusion of open water when the river, pond or flooded field that you're hunting is solid ice and you can't seem to even buy a shot at a duck or goose? Well you guessed it....I too have thought about that as well as snow covered fields. Anyway to add a little greenery without so called "baiting"? First I tried a large 20x40 piece of visqueen over ice on the Klamath River and set some of my G and H goose shells on it and waited with cautious optimism. Zip, zilch, nada and still I quander the solution if there is such. As for the snow covered fields, I tried a green tarp and had about as much success. So if any of you die hards out there have the answer, send me a clue. Otherwise I will continue to ponder the options. AstroTurf? any takers?

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