Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Last Hunt

Heading out early to the Klamath Basin in the morning. Hopes of crossing paths with some late season Canada Geese or perhaps even northerly migrating Specs. Considering the weeks of recent warm temps and lack of snow (I am not complaining) I may be pleasantly surprised. With the current storms pounding the Sierra's and dumping rain in the Ca. lowlands there just might be an early return north. That thought keeps me optimistic and even if this hunt over the next few days proves to be somewhat of a bust, I remain optimistic for Feb. and the depredation Spec and Snow Goose hunt.

I am not anticipating much shelf ice left in the Klamath Rv. although I do expect whatever birds are there to be actively looking for food and at least stretching their wings once a day if not twice. Storms have a way of getting critters moving if their not to intense. A little rain and snow squall is not a grounding event for waterfowl. Mind you 40 plus mph winds can be and are most of the time. I have seen days so windy that not even the Eagles and raptures were flying. Everyone and everything was completely grounded and after realizing such I had to ask myself what the heck was I doing out there? My answer is still the same, don't know if I don't go. Some days hunting is nothing more than the opportunity for a walk surrounded by natures beauty, knowing you've got about a snow balls chance in hell of ever firing a shot. None the less, hunting is about being out there in wild places and less about shooting. Anymore I see the aspect of shooting while hunting more of a bonus. Kinda like getting a wiggle when you're fishing. Get's the old heart to skip a beat and gets your attention like nothing else can. Seeing sunrises like this one in the photo are worth getting up early for, no matter what. Makes me thankful to be alive and appreciate the small stuff.

I am looking forward to a few days laying in my ground blind hunting with my friend and enjoying whatever comes our way. Taking the boat and covering my bases just in case there are some diving ducks cruising the river. Jet is ready and I tossed her field blind in the truck too. Just some last minute items to gather in the morning and we'll be on our way. At the very least we'll tell some stories, eat some wonderful meals and create new memories from our adventures. Sounds like a good time to me.
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Anonymous said...

Good Luck Terry and enjoy yourself.

prpark said...

Walking the ground during the hunt allows me to see and appreciate so much more of my surroundings. I feel more apart of the beauty around me. You capture that in this post and others. Thanks for that perspective...Phil

Live to Hunt.... said...

Be safe, have fun. And enjoy the sunrises like the one in the picture. Awesome!

Jennifer Montero said...

Good luck Terry - can't wait to see what you bring back!

gary said...

Sounds like a good time to me to Terry.
Thought your comment of Northerly Migrating geese was interesting. Can that really happen this time of year? I know the south and the north are all messed up right now, but is that enough to send them north this early? I was up to Lewiston this weekend - summer weather. It was weird as the further south we came the more snow we ran into. Strange Strange!

Hope you had a great time.

Terry Scoville said...

Yes an early migration north can occur if the weather remains mild during the typical winter cold months. In fact that was the case as we did have a flock of Specs ( White Fronted Geese) fly over us during our 3 day hunt.

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