Saturday, February 27, 2010

Review; Eureka Centerfire Sleeping Bag

Let me start by saying that this isn't your granddad's sleeping bag! In fact this bag is so loaded with warmth and quality you'll be asking yourself why you waited so long to own one. It has now become my new favorite sleeping bag and one that my best friend Jet is a bit envious of.

On my recent trip to the Klamath Basin I used the Centerfire for 3 nights and slept great. Here are a few of my favorite things about the Eureka Centerfire 15 Degree bag.

1. The Centerfire boasts a cozy 100% soft cotton flannel that is wonderful right out of the box and the bag is very thick offering much cushioning.

2. Convenient 2 pockets with velcro closure one each on inside and outside of the bag near the top for reading glasses, flashlight or any item you need close at hand.

3. Centerfire has a separate zipper across the bottom of the bag for your feet to ventilate during warm nights, while keeping the full length side zipper wherever you need.

4. Durable cotton duck exterior with 8 point rivets add to it's durability and toughness.

There are more awesome features and having been a user of mummy bags for most of my life having cotton flannel next to my skin plus the width of a twin bed I was sleeping like a queen. There one area of concern is that of the zippers. They to my knowledge are not ykk, yet during my 3 days using the Centerfire I never had a single problem with them. So for me this bag passes with flying colors! In my opinion you can't go wrong with the Centerfire for early season camping or time at the lake. I feel you are getting your moneys worth and then some. Plus Eureka has been in business since before 1895 and you don't have staying power like that if your not doing it right!

Here is the rest of the scoop on the Eureka Centerfire Sleeping Bag.

  • For comfort, the Sip ‘n Zip aids mobility to enjoy reading or sipping while inside the sleeping bag. To use, simply unzip the abbreviated zipper on the left side of the bag.
  • The downwind foot vent can be opened for added ventilation on warm nights.
  • Design features like the full-cover cotton duck shell and 8 point rivet reinforcements enhance the durability and aesthetics of this sleeping bag.
  • The removable, integrated carry duffle bag can be stuffed and used as a pillow. Then, when ready to take down camp, just roll the bag into the duffle, secure with the internal compression straps, and zip closed.
  • Lining material: 100% yarn-dyed cotton flannel
  • Insulation: Eureka! ThermaShield
  • Zipper: Three # 8 - right, Sip 'n Zip, Downwind
  • Sip 'n Zip: dual side zipper convenience
  • Downwind foot vent: second zipper at foot
  • Full length draft tubes
  • Anti-snag webbing
  • 8 Pointer rivet reinforcements
  • Internal pocket
  • External pocket
  • Hang loops
  • Hook & loop zipper closure
  • Easy integration of carry duffle
I encourage anyone looking for a new sleeping bag to visit Eureka's site and give them a good looking over. There are many different sleeping bags to choose from plus lots of other great outdoor products.

Disclaimer; I was given a complimentary Centerfire Sleeping Bag by Eureka in exchange for a fair and impartial review.

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing your results.

Cristina Acosta said...

Sounds like a comfy bag and a great value!

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

I opted for the Ladybug version for my two beauties as a Christmas present from daddy to go along with the pink fishing poles I bought. Little did I know that we'd be using this sleeping bags on many different occasions. I'm pleased with the company and the product they deliver.

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