Friday, December 16, 2011

In The Wings...

Wow, time has sure flown by since my last post in March of 2011. There have been plenty of changes going on behind the pages of Women's Hunting Journal. After more than 2 years of doing my best to sell my home it finally happened this past September. Plenty of ups and downs along that road all in itself. I'm sure those of you who have had the pleasure of selling your home, know about the complete and utter upheaval that follows. That being said I am currently in the market for a new home in Central Or.  Jet continues to be a wonderful companion and quite flexible with our current living arrangements. She is a blessing to be sure.

While my time afield this year has been limited my thoughts are filled with memories of past seasons. I know this is a transition year and temporary in nature. I truly never thought I would have so few days afield as I have had this year.  To date only a few hours of interspersed waterfowl chasing while John and I pursued the bigger quest, that of a bull Elk. We were in them everyday but one and yet never did see a bull. That was all our tags were valid for. To bad cause if we'd had cow tags we both had opportunities to fill those. That is Elk hunting for you. I was successful in drawing a Buck tag and I even have a good story to share that I'll save for another day. One of not looking a gift Buck in the mouth, so to speak.

I am glad to be back on the pages of WHJ and thank you for your continued support. I look forward to catching up on reading my favorite blogs and adding more to the list.  Hope you are all pursuing your passions and making the most of every day.

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Anonymous said...

Very happy to see your post and congrtulations on finally selling your house.
It took us so much to buy our house I figure we were not ever going to move.

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks Rick, seems as though it is becoming quite a process in acquiring a new home. Didn't figure it take this long and I'm not out of the woods yet.

gary said...

Life does get a little hectic sometimes. Good to see you are back and look forward to your posts. We, Sue and I head out the 23rd for our east Idaho hunt - Deer and Wolves - we hope!!! Had our big family dinner last saturday so it frees us up.

prpark said...

Terry...great to see your wordsmithing, as I have missed your insightful posts. I have been through the house sales process a few times and upheaval is a nice way of putting it.

Blessed said...

Well Hi Terry! So good to hear that things are well with you. We spent most of last year doing things that need done so that we can sell our house, it should go on the market as soon as hunting season is over... I'm ready to move into something bigger, but not ready for the upheaval!

Jennifer Montero said...

I was only thinking of you the other day, when I hung the duck feather ornament you sent me on my Christmas tree (it usually hangs on our welsh dresser next to a bronze fox sculpture!).

Glad you're back - sorry about the bull elk getting one over on you this year, but Im sure we're in store for some great duck hunting adventures.

Pat Jet for me. (Our own black lab pup is coming on great and had her first taste of the field a week ago)

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