Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: Darn Tough Socks

Well, just as their name implies these Darn Tough Socks are just that and more. The best socks that I've had of pleasure of wearing to date. Make no exceptions that these are pure 100% ultimate blissful comfort for little doggies.

May sound like pretty strong language, although I am very impressed with how well these socks wear and their comfort. Let's just go over some of the finer points of Darn Tough Socks.
  • They are 100% made in the U.S.A. in Northfield Vermont.
  • They have been making socks for 30+ years.
  • Next, they are made with a blend of Merino Wool and have a very high knit stitch count per inch which equates to increased durability without bulkiness. 
  • The fit is exceptional with seams strategically located so as not to irritate and cause discomfort or blisters. 
  • Non itching. 
  • Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee! 
I own 3 different models and weights of Darn Tough Socks and am completely happy with them. I have 2 pair each of  No-Show Mesh ($13.95pr.) for summer cycling & 2 pair of Merino Wool No-Show ($16.95pr.) for cool weather cycling. Both of these have performed flawlessly and have the durability that lacked from another well known name brand. The other socks were failing in the toes after only a handful of  wearings and just didn't have the comfort, fit and feel good quotient that Darn Tough Socks do.

 For hunting I have 2 pair of Over-the-Calf Full Cushion ($23 pr.) and 1 pair of Boot Sock Cushion ($21pr.). When the mercury drops I really like a sock that comes up to my knee and stays up. These do all that and at the end of the day they continue to feel good and not get packed down, damp or bunched up. My feet are just as happy at the end of the day as when I began. I certainly can't say that about all the socks I've worn. Their shorter version is just as wonderful for warmer weather and kept my feet dry, comfortable and content for long days afield. They have a large variety of weights, densities, heights and variety to cover all the bases. From cycling, running, casual, hiking, hunting and military there's plenty to choose from.

As a self employed woodworker I am proud to produce American Made products and support American Made businesses. For me it's a no brainer and now I am doing my best to have a drawer full of Darn Tough Socks for all seasons.

Here is another link to their site, plus a You Tube video of their factory in Northfield Vermont. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with nor have I received any product or financial compensation for this review. This is my honest and unsolicited opinion, expressed in this review.  

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The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Terry, have you tried Smartwool socks? I have at least six pairs and was curious to how the two brands match up. Maybe it's time to try the DTS brand. Thanks for posting.


Terry Scoville said...

Tony, yes I have tried Smartwool and thought for a period and in fact that is the company I refer to in this review. Give Darn Tough a try, you will be pleased I'm confident.

Anonymous said...

I still have a pair of wool hunting socks my mother made for me 20 + years ago.

Can't beat warm dry feet while hunting.

River Mud said...

Ha ha, I knew you were talking about smartwool and was going to ask the same thing. Love my smartwools, but the heel always blows out too soon :(

I may give the Darn Tootin' Socks a try next fall!!

Terry Scoville said...

Ha Ha Ha River Mud, you got me chucklin' too! Yea the Smartwools are good, but they blow out in the toes on their lighter weight run/cycling socks. Their heavier socks are more durable, yet get packed down and sometimes damp when I'm in my boots all day. Give Darn Tough a try before next Fall. You won't be sorry! Thanks for your visit and input, appreciated.

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