Thursday, July 10, 2008

Braggin' Rights . . . part 1

Originally I thought to just write a brief story about my friend David Keiser. Then I thought to myself, there's so much to tell that brief would not suffice. So here is the first of a three part story about my friend David Keiser.

He is known to his friends as Dave, and as you'll soon discover he is quite an exceptional individual.

Dave's most recent achievement was riding in a Dressage event and being inducted into the Centurion Club. This is when the combined age of horse and rider totals 100 years. Riding Othello who started out as a "problem horse" when he bought him at 10 years of age. Dave bought a book written by 2 Aussie women and began training Othello. He started from the beginning with ground reins, lunging, lunging with saddle and so forth. Eventually the day came when he needed to put his foot in the stirrup and test the waters. Well, Othello was just as calm as if he'd been ridden a 1000 times. A big sigh of relief for sure and a nice reward for both their hard work. He and Othello competed in Three Day Events for several years as Othello was a natural jumper. Dave eventually transitioned into Dressage competition. After a few years of training and dedication, he and Othello were competing in Dressage events and placing high in the competition. He learned English style riding when he was in grade school, which helped him with dressage. He has been an avid horseman throughout his life, including pack animals for big game hunting. We'll get to that in the next segment and more highlights you won't want to miss.

It was a good turnout for the special occasion on Sun. July 6 in Southern Oregon. Family, friends, fellow riders and trainers were all present to honor and celebrate Dave and Othello's accomplishment. Dave and Othello rode at Level 4 which is the highest level ever ridden for a Centurion team. They are the 52 team in the nation and the first male in the state of Oregon. The age thing you're wondering about? Othello is 20 and Dave 81 years young.

The photo is of Dave and Othello during their earlier years, practicing jumps when they competed in 3 Day Events.

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Tom Sorenson said...

Wow - that's awesome - sounds like a heck of a man! That's amazing that a ten year old horse could be trained so well - I guess it ain't only old dogs that can learn new tricks!

Terry Scoville said...

Yea that's for sure! just wait til you read the next two installments. . . You'll be even more amazed!

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