Sunday, July 13, 2008

Braggin' Rights . . . part. 2

Let's see now, where was I ? Oh yea, the hunting portion about my friend Dave Keiser.

Being an avid hunter since he was a kid and never having much interest in chasing sheep, well that is until he drew his first tag in Oregon. That was in the early 80's and that sparked an interest alright. The first time he puts in for the tag he gets it, and he got his first Bighorn Sheep too!

Since he was now inspired to hunt Sheep he put in for Dall sheep. It took him 2 years this time before drawing the coveted tag in 1982. Dave met up with his guide and they were flown in and dropped off near the top of the Alaska Range with 10 days worth of supplies. The law reads that the Dall Sheep must have a full curl to be legal for harvest. They saw rams everyday but none were legal. Not until the sixth day when they were eating breakfast did they see a legal ram. Then, they actually saw 3 legal rams across the valley from where they were. So the long stalk began. They spent several hours going downhill, crossing a stream and gaining elevation so as to get above the ram to have the best possible shot. Realizing that he might only get the one shot on this trip. He and his guide glassed once more to be sure they had the right ram picked out and Dave made an excellent shot. The Dall measured 42" W. with 1 1/8 curl and 38 1/2 L.

Being this was the sixth day he and his guide still had 4 days to wait for the plane. He stashed the meat in a snow bank where the plane landed, yet was concerned about the horns and cape being taken by a bear. So that night he went out of his little pup tent and got the horns and cape and brought them back to his tent. When his guide woke up in the morning he'd never seen such a sight in all his life! Dave was lying on his back sound asleep clutching the horns and cape to his chest. No bear was gonna get away with his Ram! The weather turned for the worse and they got snowed in for the next 3 days. The guide had brought in a bottle of Royal Crown so they drank whiskey and ate Sheep liver til the storm broke and the plane arrived on the tenth day.

So, he's half way to his Grand Slam and my money is on him to get the full slam! I'm pretty sure he can get it done if anyone can.

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Tom Sorenson said...

first time putting in for Oregon sheep and he draws?! Aggghhh! Well, good for him - I'd say those odds are a bit tougher than winning the lotto! Those are both great rams in the pics, too. That Dall is a real beauty!

Here's to wishing him luck on his Grand Slam!

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