Thursday, April 23, 2009

Milestones, and Other Drivel

Ah yes it has been a year to the day since I started Women's Hunting Journal. My how fast the time flies. Lately I have not been keeping up on my usual 2 to 3 posts a week. Life in general has interjected along with perhaps a bit of burn out.

I am amazed as to how many new outdoor blogs have begun in the past year. It is great to have more women writing about their hunting and fishing experiences. I enjoy reading the wide variety of women's blogs. More on this subject in a later post.

What's new here on the home front? Well, getting ready for the 8Th. Annual Quail Flats Wild Game Feed in two days. Thankfully I have finally gotten some major new tunes on my IPod and have lots of rocking music to prep the 20 ducks, 5 Specs and 40 Venison Stuffed Venison Mushroom Caps. I love my music and a great cup of strong coffee, gonna need both for these recipes! More on the specifics of the recipes later. There will be about 25 people here and it looks to be another fun wild game feed full of new recipes and many old favorites. There will be hunters, non hunters and future hunters too. No doubt plenty of tall tales, reminiscing of past adventures and dreams of hunts to come.

Other news is that I am now Twittering. I am not an expert at it yet , but I am dabbling and doing my best to catch on. So it's just another way to keep up with the Head Quail during this busy Spring. I hope you'll give it a try following and who knows, you may really enjoy it and I'll be following you.

My knee continues to improve and I look forward to getting out Bear hunting come May. Hopefully by then I'll be able to get to where I want to hunt and the hillsides will be greening up. Not going to do a lot of hard hiking, just more spot and stalk and keep my fingers crossed. We have had a few days of warm weather but I still think we need more to melt the snow and get the grasses growing. My hunt goes through the end of May and with some luck the weather will heat up so the grasses can green up.

That's about it for now, thanks for checking in and I'll have some good recipes next week and some pics from the Game Feed. Til then have a great weekend and be safe out there!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on a year. That's great.

Your Game Feed sounds pretty good too. Wish I could be there.

Glad to hear your knee is getting better too.

Live to Hunt.... said...

Sounds like your doing great Terry. Looking forward to reading about your game feed. We had a ton of fun during my annual duck dinner. Always a great time.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Happy blog day, Terry! And don't worry about your posting - we all get busy from time to time. We'll all stick with ya!

Terry Scoville said...

Kristine, thanks and I wish you and the rest of the outdoor bloggers were here for the game feed. With that many folks, think of all the wild game. I think we'd have it all and need to spread it over a couple days to fully enjoy. Hey that's a thought, ummm!

LTH, yea busy times and I enjoyed reading about your game feast. Your recipes are a bit more fancy than ours. Still tasty though.

NorCal, thanks and I am glad you folks are understanding. Just more fun to write about hunting when it is the season, you know!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary of your blog. I do look forward to the next year.

gary said...

I'll be cranked up to hear about the bear hunt. These spring hunts have really added another dimention to the whole hunting experience. Glad the knee is improving, you'll need a couple good ones to hit the hills with.

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

What's Twitter?

Terry Scoville said...

Gary you are so right. Isn't it great to be out hunting in the Spring, especially for big critters!

Downeast, click on the Twitter link and check it out. It's fun!

The Hunter's Wife said...

Glad to hear your knee is getting better and congrats on the one year!

Dick said...

You blog is very well done. I hope I will get mine as great as yours.

Dick said...

I know that I have told you before, but I really like your blog! Thank you for the help on my blog.

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