Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Quail Flats Annual Wild Game Feed

This is an event that I have been doing for several years now and a great source of new game recipes. One of the experiences I enjoy about all types of hunting is being able to share wild game with my non hunting friends. I ask my hunting friends to bring a wild game dish of whatever they're inspired to make. My other friends who don't hunt are asked to bring the side dishes, salads and desserts etc. The types of wild meat vary due to the success or lack there of during the previous season. This is quite informative to those who don't hunt. They seem surprised when there aren't any Elk dishes or Venison, let alone Bighorn Sheep etc. Well I tell them it's not as easy as it sounds, being successful each year harvesting Deer , Elk, etc. Sometimes we don't draw a tag and sometimes even when we do draw a tag, we still get outsmarted. After all, it is called hunting for a reason. This year is a fine example. The main dishes will be waterfowl served in a variety of ways and venison thuringer. Types of waterfowl will be Canada Goose cooked Parmesan Style and several species of ducks marinated in rosemary, orange juice and seasonings then barbecued. All harvested from the Klamath Basin in Southern Oregon this past season. The formal recipes will follow in a day or two, so be sure to check back in. There won't be any waders, wet dogs or soggy clothes to dry....just a lot of good food and more stories than you can shake a stick at......second thought, maybe I best keep my waders on hand.

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