Thursday, June 18, 2009

All Rocks Go To Heaven

This is a humorous post and not intended to offend anyone. I certainly do believe my dog has a soul, how about yours?

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Anonymous said...

That was very humorous indeed.

Not only does my dog have a soul he is as much a part of my family as anyone.
As I am typing this my dog Sampson is laying next to my chair.

The Hunter's Wife said...

That is funny! I consider my dog to be a little hairy person. :)

wandering owl said...

People can really make you wonder. Of course dogs have souls!

Extreme Outdoors said...

Wow that's funny!!! I'll have to pay attention to those things more often!

Deer Passion said...

This is great! Dogs have the amazing power to bring happiness into a home! I'd be lost without the two of mine..

Terry Scoville said...

Rick, the same is true for Jet. She is my shadow and keeps a close eye on what I'm up to.

HW, that is a great way of looking at your dog, that made me chuckle.

WO, some peoples kids eh?

EO, while I'm not so sure about rocks, dogs I am.

DP, I agree 100% with you. Jet is beyond just a dog. She brings me a lot of happiness and laughter. I too would be lost without her.

Doug O said...

That is hilarious! Thank heaven for Catholics. jk. I love my Presbyterian neighbors too. Good thing we don't have to judge what and/or who gets into heaven! I think I will leave that one to God.

Dick said...

A week ago I lost my young dog Rye to a tragic road crossing. Two months ago I had to put down my friend of 15 yeers. 23 months ago I had to put down my young dog Luke. We all will someday rung the fields and bother the birds and rabbits.

Terry Scoville said...

Dick, I am sorry for your recent losses. What a rough Spring you've had.

I imagine my past 4 legged companions are endlessly harassing feathered fowl and swapping stories.
Meeting old friends and some new friends. They are forever missed, regardless.

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