Friday, June 26, 2009

Sploggers Stealing Our Content

I just read about "blog content thieves" at Rick's, Whitetail Woods and then also at The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles. No doubt none of us like having our work plagiarized as that is a pretty low blow. Albert suggested we link to his post about this in hopes of being able to shut them down. No doubt in my mind that this is due to the tough times we're in right now. There are break ins and robberies every night on my local news, more than I can ever remember hearing about. Not to mention the banks and small businesses being targeted as well. We all need to keep an out for each other and our neighbors.

So I have linked to Albert's site and invite the rest of you OBS supporters to do the same. Kristine of the OBS has left a very informative comment about this problem, and explains it very well.

Thanks to Rick, Albert and Kristine for keeping us informed and alert.

Women's Hunting Journal Integrity For The Hunt


Dick said...

I put Albert's link on my blog also.

Anonymous said...

Terry, it always helps just by you mentioning it.


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