Thursday, September 3, 2009

Archery Elk Hunt

The hunting season has begun. So far the conditions for hunting elk have been favoring the elk. This is quite typical for bow season. This past weekend saw temperatures in the 80's and even low 90's in some areas. Tinder dry and dusty as bakers flour. Still under a level 3 fire precaution in the woods. With zero cloud cover and a full moon approaching the elk are feeding during the night. They're out of the low country before daybreak and looking for a cool place to bed down during the day. I've been seeing plenty of tracks just not able to catch anyone in them. With these warm temps they are also being pretty quiet and not much chatter is going on. No signs yet of the rut beginning. Haven't seen any rubs nor have I heard any bugles. It's just to dang hot yet. That can all change quickly though. And boy do I sure hope it does. We've got some cooler temps forecast for the weekend with a possibility of snow at the 8000' level. I won't be holding my breath on that, though a little rain would sure be nice. Not even the Birch or Aspens are showing signs of Fall yet.

Been seeing a ton of birds and getting pretty chewed up by the mosquitoes. Also watching Douglas Squirrels stashing pine cones like nobody's business. It's so crunchy and loud right now walking in the woods, that stalking in on a bedded bull is about the tallest order around. Not hearing much around town from anyone having luck yet either. Not even with the Mule deer. So I am doing my best to pace myself and keeping my fingers crossed for the weather to make some serious changes in the next week or two. Come the 18 th. we'll have a new moon and with some luck even cloud over and the rut will at least be starting. That's what I'm pacing myself for. I will bust my a-- the last 2 weeks to try and get in the right place at the right time for a full draw experience of a lifetime.

Dove season opened on Tuesday as well as forest Grouse(Ruffed and Blues) and already some Antelope hunts are completed. I didn't put in for Sage Grouse this year because of my archery elk hunt. Maybe next year. My buck hunt starts in less than a month, so things are starting to wind up. After that commences the waterfowl season until the end of Jan. Looking to be an action packed season.

I am ready for the cooler weather, maybe not so ready to start snow removal.

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Paul Steeve said...

Sounds like you have a nice Fall line-up ahead of you. Good luck on your hunts and let us know how you do!

Anonymous said...

Terry, I like you am ready for the cooler temps. It seems that is what we need to get the animals moving.

Good luck in you planned adventures.

wandering owl said...

I sure hope you folks out west get some good rain soon. Good luck this hunting season, and I'm looking forward to reading about your hunts - especially the ducks!

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