Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coming Full Circle

Well as promised here are some updates from past ramblings.

I mentioned awhile back that I was looking for a handgun for predator protection during my upcoming bow elk hunt. Well I was fortunate enough to meet up with a friend who knows way more about guns of all kinds than I will ever know in my lifetime. So I was in good hands when we went shooting. After some general discussion about calibers, gun weights, loads etc. and just how much power you need for predator protection, we commenced to start firing. We started with 38 cal. revolvers and worked our way up to the 44 Magnum. Several well known companies were represented and after the smoke settled I was partial to the Taurus model 425T. A 41 Mag in titanium which holds 5 rounds, is factory ported and a barrel lenght of4 in. The recoil was not an issue for me, yet weight is. This model in stainless steel weights 34.8 oz. and the titanium at 24.3 oz. Considering I will be carrying this on my day pack belt, I wanted the lighter model. Now the only catch is that Taurus discontinued making them a few years back so I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a used one online at the various gun brokers. If you here of anyone interested in selling this particular gun, I'd be happy if you pointed them my direction.

Moving right along now. My friend Dan and I did make it to the Klamath Basin weekend before last for some general cleaning and deer scouting. Success on both fronts. We managed to do such a good job last year that there was little left for this year. We did do some Knapweed eradication and a few minor odds and ends with the cabin. Not to mention a bunch of European Starlings jamming up the damper on the wood stove pipe. In fact it was so bad we had to take the pipe apart and then go dump them out. It was a case of dumb following dumber and even dumber down the pipe. No nest was even built. They just packed themselves on top on one another and then couldn't get out. No wonder there is a year round open season on Starlings.

A couple of the fields were flooded and the Canada Geese and hundreds of puddle ducks were having a great time resting there overnight and then departing at daybreak to the neighboring grain fields for the day. There were also White Faced Ibis enjoying the water as well as several pairs of Sandhill Cranes. What a treat. We did have a couple really fine meals too. I took my 50Th. birthday limit of Snipe and we bbq'ed them one night and the next evening we bbq'ed wetlands buck backstrap. Wow, what a great way to bring in the upcoming hunting season.

It wasn't til the next morning that we saw the bucks, oh yes the boys are BACK! That sure makes me happy considering I've got a deer tag for that unit. Just hope they stick around. I am pretty sure that the big 4 x 4 is the same one I saw last year. This year he has another young buck hanging by his side. We had taken our shotguns with the intentions of throwing a few clays but, after seeing the bucks we opted not to disturb them. I am hoping to get back there sometime in mid September just to take another look. The rifle deer season opens October 3.

Now the really exciting news is that our bow elk season is opening this Saturday morning. Can you say anticipation? Oh my how the natives are getting restless. The area I am hunting is the same that I have rifle hunted for the pat three years. Figured maybe if I change up the weapon and time of year that my luck will change too. So far my practicing has gone well and continues to. This will be my first time archery hunting elk during the rut and I am so excited. Hopefully things will get cooking in the mid to latter portion of September. I remain cautiously optimistic in my somewhat blissful ignorance. Realizing full well that there is so much to learn. A lifetimes worth and then some I imagine. Gotta start somewhere, so here I go.

I'll keep you updated as the elk season progresses and I want to wish the rest of you good luck with your hunts too. Also a special shout out to Rick at Whitetail Woods for his 1 year anniversary and wonderful prizes, thank you in advance. Thanks also goes to Gary at Base Camp Legends for his help and support for the upcoming elk hunt.

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Anonymous said...

Terry, before I forget Happy Birthday. Thanks for the kind words and your packages should be at your mailbox by tomarrow.
I wish you luck elk hunting and can't wait to hear all the stories.

Blessed said...

Sounds like things are good at the old hunting spot - good luck this season!

Live to Hunt.... said...

Sounds like you are all set to go Terry. Your post gets me excited for the upcoming seasons!

Terry Scoville said...

Rick you are welcome and thank you too.

Blessed and LTH, yes all systems are go, just add elk, deer and waterfowl. Thanks for the well wishes and glad to hear you're getting excited for the hunting season too.

HuntsLikeAGirl said...

Good luck on your elk hunt. I'm sure that things will pick up soon. I can't wait for the elk to actually start talking.. that is when the fun begins!

I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for you. Keep us posted! :)

Ben G. said...

Good luck on your bow hunt. Sounds like you have a nice place to go deer hunting.

All this talk about hunting is getting me antsy. I better go sight in my shotgun this weekend.

The Daily Gun Picture said...

I like your blog, good work.

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