Monday, November 16, 2009

Gear Review : Prois Pro - Edition Pants

I purchased a pair of these womens hunting pants just a few months ago and had high hopes that I finally found a pair of women's hunting pants that would meet my needs. The archery elk season was fast approaching and so I took a chance and ordered a pair, hopeful that perhaps a company had finally gotten it right, ultimately I was disappointed.

First let me go over the pros:

I liked the 9" leg zippers and elasticized cuffing with cordlock to cinch cuff around boots to keep debris out and cuffs quiet. The fabric is 100% brushed tricot and is soft, sturdy, silent and snag resistant. This I would agree with. The inseam length and rise of the pants was fine and not a problem. The quality of the zippers themselves was impressive and very sturdy. I wish I had more pros to mention, but I don't. Having been unable to use them during my elk hunt, I can not attest either way to the quality of the construction or stitching.

Now the cons:

I ordered a size L. as these are offered in XS, S, M, L and XL. Typically I wear a woman's size 6 or 8 pant so using their size chart I fell between the M. and L. and so I figured the Large would give me the extra room I needed in the seat and thighs for hunting. True to their size chart the waist was 30.5 to 32"( mine is 30") and so I had them altered to fit me better. Not a big inconvenience and I expected this. I had the cam strap with ladder lock removed on the waist band as they interfered with my day pack. I also had 2 belt loops added one on each side of the front closure. This way my belt would not ride up over the top of the pants. The seat area was marginal with room to spare. The thigh area and cargo pockets lacked the extra room I need in a hunting pant. I put my Garmin GPS in my right cargo pocket and the pocket was not long enough to accept my GPS so I could secure the flap over the top with the magnetic closure. I need roomy cargo pockets where I can fit more than one item and they won't ride tight against my body. The left cargo pocket is where I put my Bushnell Monarch rangefinder and that barely fit and again was uncomfortable for field use. The magnetic closure itself is for light duty and is a weak closure at best. The cargo pockets are of little use to me other than perhaps a roll of flagging tape or similar small items. The rear pockets I also found too small and without a secure closure such as a button or zipper, only a flap that is sewn across the top and down slightly over the sides of the pocket openings. The front pockets with their zippers I found to be less functional because of the zippers. Those are the pockets which do not need zippers and items have the least chance of falling out.

For me I was not able to use these women's hunting pants for my archery elk hunt because of these cons. I resorted to my Cabela's Micro-Tex men's small hunting pant that gives me unrestricted movement in the thigh area along with roomy cargo pockets for my GPS, rangefinder and other hunting gear. No one has ever accused me of making a fashion statement and I just didn't find these women's hunting pants to meet my needs in function and unrestricted movement. While I commend Prois for their efforts there still remains a need for quality, well fitting, functional women's hunting clothing. I look forward to following the development of their women's clothes.

Disclaimer: I paid full retail and did not, nor have I made any financial gains what soever surrounding the purchase or review I have given. The opinion expressed is solely mine and no one elses.

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The Rabid Outdoorsman said...

I have struggled over the years to find a hunting pant that I like. Nobody has yet to find that perfect blend of comfort, waterproof performance and durability. The closest I have come is the Maine wool guide pant and they are just to damn itchy!

Terry Scoville said...

I hear ya' Rabid. I imagine you checked out Beagle Wear. . . They do have lined wool pants, yet for me weight is also a concern. I'd like to see BW in person someday. And the quest continues.

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