Friday, December 4, 2009

Rose Bowl Bound

So, how about those ducks! I am trickled pink that they have continued to play well and now off to the big show. As for me, sorry for my absence as it is not due to my hunting, but rather the opposite.

I did spend a few days on my second season archery cow elk hunt and had zero luck. I decided to call it quits on that due to the fact it was costing me 40 bucks in gas for each day of hunting. With the lack of work and the holidays it just wasn't panning out period. The good news is that I am now swamped with several custom dovetail drawer jobs. These will keep me busy in the shop for the next 2 weeks and with a little luck I hope to get away for a quick weekend waterfowl hunt.

I have missed my daily reads and hope to get back to visiting my favorite bloggers here in the near future. Until then have a great time hunting, fishing and just being in the great outdoors. I'll be making lots of sawdust and look forward to getting back in the field.

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gary said...

Didn't know you were a duck fan too. I had to stay up to the bitter end last night. Thought they were going to lose for awhile when they were 9 down.

Sorry to hear elk hunting was a bummer, but you're right - ya gotta eat and if they elk don't cooperate, then you have to make some change to buy your eats.

Live to Hunt.... said...

Go ducks! Don't stay away too long Terry. There is weather-a-brewing up north which will hopefully send those feathery fellows south. Let's hope!

Anonymous said...

I can understand and I'm glad your sort of back. You really were not gone that long so no worries.

Even though you didn't fill a tag at least you got out.

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