Friday, April 30, 2010

Women's Hunting Journal, 2nd. Birthday

I can hardly believe it has been 2 years that I have been writing on the
pages of Women's Hunting Journal. What started out as a friendly suggestion has taken on a life of its own and an appetite to match. Anyone who blogs knows about what an insatiable appetite blogs have, and the challenge to keep purging content from within oneself. Interesting how the ebb and flow of life is mirrored in all that we do. Striking while the iron is hot is easily done during the hunting season while the days spent afield give way to new experiences and stories to follow.

I wanted to do something fun for the second birthday of Women's Hunting Journal. I've been a hat lover since I can remember and I figured why not splurge, you only go around once. So keeping in the spirit of my passion for hats, I now have Women's Hunting Journal hats for sale. They are cotton twill, low profile cap with a velcro closure and not the high fronted truckers cap. They are Kestrel slate blue with my header logo on front and Integrity For The Hunt on the back. If you are interested in getting one or more please email me with your enquiry. I am not looking to make big money here, just offering a fun, comfortable and well fitting hat at an affordable price.

If anyone else is interested in having hats made I highly recommend contacting Jeremy at Ethic Promotions, Inc.. There is nothing better than working directly with the owner of a business and Jeremy went above and beyond in earning my business. It was clear from the start that he wanted to get it right for me, not anyone else. Not once did I feel pressured or rushed to make a decision or purchase. He had several samples made and sent to me using various materials, styles and sizes at no charge to me. Their turn around time was excellent and working with him was a pleasure. I got exactly what I wanted, a low profile hat that fits my little head perfectly without any bunching in the back where the velcro closure is. In my book that is 100% success in a big way. Here is Jeremy's contact information, Phone # 888-723-5571 PST.

Thanks again Jeremy for the wonderful hats and excellent customer service!

Women's Hunting Journal Integrity For The Hunt


Karen Thomason/Gordon Setter Crossing said...

Terry, those hat pics of you are adorable! If I wore caps, I would wear one like yours, but I don't. But I did want to say they look very nice! I like the style and color of the lettering. I'm sure women every where will be wanting one!

Terry Scoville said...

Thank you Karen,
Not sure how old I am there but some classic looks for sure.

gary said...

Nice looking 'Top Notch' Terry. You definately got it right.

Is that a stringer of bass with the sea captains hat? Evidently it worked quite well.

Blessed said...

Those hats are great! Congratulations on your 2nd blogoversary :)

Terry Scoville said...

Gary, yes they are bass. I think I got the sea captains hat at Ship Ashore on the Oregon coast that summer.

Thanks Blessed, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the milestone Terry! Looking forward to see what happens between now and your 3rd anniversary.

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