Monday, April 5, 2010

LaCrosse Footwear, An Excellent Company

This past Fall while Jet and I were chasing waterfowl I was wearing my LaCrosse Women's Alphaburly boots and I began to get that cool sensation on the back of my right ankle. I thought to myself, no way can these boots be leaking. They haven't failed me in the year plus that I've been wearing them. After I got back to the cabin, I did a close inspection of my right boot and I'll be darned if there wasn't a small opening where two layers of rubber overlapped. Ummm I thought to myself. So when I got home I scuffed the area and patched it although it never did stay on for long. Even using good contact cement. So my next thought was if LaCrosse Footwear would warranty them, knowing I have had them beyond their 1 year warranty period. I emailed the company and explained the situation to them and was advised to send them in with a note stating the particulars plus return address etc. etc. About a week later I received an email from their consumer sales specialist Ryan McAndrew. He informed me they had received the boots and it was going to be a little while before they got to mine. After a couple weeks Ryan emailed me again and told me that my boots were found defective and that I was credited with a full refund to purchase another pair.

I was thrilled to hear the good news. I thanked Ryan and told him which model I was interested in and the size etc. Within a week I had my new Women's Alphaburly Sport Insulated boots with 800 grams thinsulate ultra. Yea, just in time for the late season White Fronted Goose hunt in the Klamath Basin.

I absolutely love these boots and wear them for all my waterfowl hunting when I'm not in chest high waders.( trust me I hardly ever wear my chest highs) Their customer service is second to none and Ryan was wonderful in returning my emails in a timely manner. If any of you are looking for intermediate footwear of the waterproof variety, give LaCrosse Footwear a good looking over. They come in women's sizes and have a snug ankle fit without any slop. Thanks again Ryan for all your help and wonderful customer service.

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Holly Heyser said...

Wow, that's serious customer service! Great to know the company has such integrity.

Jennifer Montero said...

I've got some Aigle boots which have done me well but when they go I would definitely consider La Crosse if that's the kind of customer service they give.

In this consumer climate where you can get anything anytime on the 'web, the only way companies can distinguish themselves is good and FAIR customer service. I've got major issues with companies that charge "restocking" and other bogus fees if you order the wrong size, or charges you for examining their faulty goods.

Good to hear of a company with integrity! I'll pass it on.

Terry Scoville said...

NorCal, Jennifer,
I actually had used those boots for over a year and a half. In the note I sent them I went so far as to say that regardless of whether they warrantied them or not, I was going to be wearing another pair. Nice to be treated by the old adage of "do unto others" etc etc. As for restocking fee,I agree fully. That has always struck me as poor business and customer service.

Downeast Duck Hunter said...

We buy the hip waders for marine worming and realistically put them through hell, but I've been losing favor with the company especially since they've outsourced the production. They are just not the same boot...

gary said...

I could have used a pair of those last Saturday as I got my feet good and wet in the snow. Truth be told I do sacrifice dry feet at times when hunting in the hills over boots that weigh extra. I've had good luck with LaCrosse products in the past so its good to hear their customer service is top notch too.

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