Monday, June 16, 2008

Joe's Drake

I've been wanting to share this story with all of you. This is the story of my friend Joe, who is John's son. Anyhow it was several years ago now.

We were hunting in the Klamath Basin of S.W. Oregon early Nov. and the weather was unseasonably warm and mild. We had walked several miles jump shooting ducks and there just weren't many around. There were ditches with fairly tall dikes on both sides and so we decided to split up. Plus John had his dog Jenny (German Shorthair) and I had Jet and it was easier on all of us to walk separate, parallel dikes in hopes of jumping some ducks. So off we go and I can hear John talking to Joe and occasionally catch a glimpse of them through the tall cover. John is trying to keep Jenny in line and use the few "smart cells" she does have. I chuckle to myself listening to the running commentary and then it becomes quiet and I lose sight of them. Ah maybe there's some ducks in the ditch they're sneakin' on. I wait several minutes and then, BOOM BOOM and then I hear Joe exclaiming "I got it, I got it dad, did you see that? I got it". I can see Jenny bounding around like only a Pointer can and I hear John in the background saying "good job Joe"! I radio John and ask for the details and he says . . . "Well I could see some ducks up ahead in the ditch so I told Joe to get down and we'd make a sneak on them. As we got closer I asked Joe if he wanted to shoot, and he said yes. So I handed this little short guy with me my Winchester 20 Ga. O/U and told him what to do, and I'll be damned if he didn't shoot a duck". All the while I can hear Joe in the background all excited and amazed that he actually connected. I ask John what kind of duck and he says a "big buff Drake Mallard".

WOW, I am so happy for Joe and what a way to start your waterfowl career. I am anxious to see Joe's Drake and hear the story firsthand from him. I hurry my pace to get to the end of the dike a bit sooner and meet up with them. As I make the turn and get within eyesight I can see Joe beaming and grinning from ear to ear still in disbelief of his success. I see the drake and it is truly a beautiful mature Drake Mallard with curly tail feathers and all. The green iridescent head shimmering in the sunlight and Joe just as proud as he can be. We recounted the story over and over for the rest of the weekend and told Joe how proud we were and what a special day this is.

I will never forget that day, nor will John. Oh, by the way Joe's nickname is "Mud Dauber," although that was still yet to come.

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Blessed said...

What a great story - we're looking forward to Lil Sugars first hunt and first duck and first...

NorCal Cazadora said...

Very cool! And, I'm still amazed every time *I* hit a duck too!

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