Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Bend Bulletin Interviewed Me

Much to my surprise I was recently contacted by a reporter, Anna Sowa, of The Bend Bulletin, Bend, Oregon. The recently published article will continue to promote and advocate for more women hunters. I am honored that they found my blog and were willing to venture out of mainstream social norms. A sincere thank you to The Bend Bulletin.

Blogger aims at women who hunt

By Anna Sowa, The Bend Bulletin (excerpt - links to original)

At age 11, Terry Scoville was finally old enough to join her father trudging through the Oregon forest, guns slung onto their camouflaged backs. The early fall air was warm and laced with the smell of star thistle, and painted leaves cloaked the ground. The two moved through cornfields taller than Scoville’s head and settled beside a flooded field, waiting for the whistle of wings in the air.
The experience, Scoville would later post on her blog, reassured her that her father would support her interest in a sport that doesn’t engage most daughters.
Scoville is now 49, but she remembers the butterflies in her stomach at being included during those first hunting trips. She also remembers feeling unusual: a short girl wielding a Belgian-made side-by-side 410 shotgun, an early Christmas present from her father that would help her bag her first dove.
“ It was a novelty having a girl in the field,” Scoville said last week in Bend.
She says the recent rise in women hunters has increased their representation in the industry, but she’s still a member of the minority. So she is using the blogosphere to connect with more women hunters and encourage their entrance to this male-dominated sport.
She started her blog,, in April, at a friend’s urging. She’s been pleasantly surprised to find more women like her, searching for fellow hunters online.
“It’s nice that there’s a community of women hunters out there,” Scoville said, adding that she’s already made plans to meet one woman, whom she found through the blog, for a hunting trip this year. She hopes that’s just the beginning.
Bucking the trend . . . READ MORE
From - published daily in Bend, Oregon, by Western Communications, Inc. Copyright 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Terry, that is such an awesome article. You're a great representative for women who hunt and for hunting at large. That was fabulous! I wish we would see more positive articles like this more often.

Terry Scoville said...

Thank you Kristine, I think it was a bold step on their behalf and hat's off to them. I agree, it would be nice to see more positive articles about hunters in general.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Very cool! Love this line: “Camo is my favorite wardrobe,” Scoville joked. “I don’t wear makeup, but I wear camo.”

The only eye makeup I have is the green stuff I use on my face during duck season. Hypoallergenic, you know. ;-)



Terry Scoville said...

Norcal, it is true true! I need to buy some new face camo as mine is from the mid 80's and takes a brillo pad to get it off! Can you say LOOFA?
Any suggestions?

NorCal Cazadora said...

I use L'oreal HIP (High-Intensity Pigments) shadow duo 828. There's a green and a gold. Gold isn't useful - too glittery. But the green is great. I throw makeup remover in the pack I leave in my car, and I can be cleaned up before I hit the road. But sometimes I forget and walk into burger king with green streaks all over my face. Nice.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool to get interviewed. Keep up the good work. Your adventurism is what caught my attention.

Terry Scoville said...

Thank you Rick!

Live to Hunt.... said...

Terry, that is so aswesome! Way to go.

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