Sunday, August 31, 2008

Crock Pot Sage Grouse

As promised here is my recipe for Sage Grouse. Even though some folks claim Sage Grouse are not very good eating, I had favorable reviews from my friends with this recipe.


2 Sage Grouse boned out and cut into bite size pieces
1 Lg. can cream of celery soup
2 tbls. worcheshire
1 tbls. honey
2 tbls. stoneground mustard
2 celery stalks cut up
3 carrots cut up
3 yukon gold potatoes
1 med. onion cubed, sauted and added to crock
3-4 garlic cloves chopped finely
1-2 c. brocolli tops cut up


Firstly clean and cut up your Sage Grouse and saute them in a cast iron skillet with a couple teaspoons of good olive oil. Brown lightly on all sides then put into crock pot. Next saute onion until translucent and add to crock. Add garlic as is without sauteing. Cut potatoes, and add the remaining ingredients except for broccoli. Add enough water to cover all ingredients.
Typically I set the crock pot on High to get everything up to heat (30 - 45 min.) then turn to Low and simmer for a few hours (2 - 3) until meat and potatoes are cooked. Remember to add your broccoli about 30 minutes prior to serving.
This recipe is simple and tough to go wrong with. Just don't add any sage seasoning, you will not be happy with the results. The Grouse are naturally sage seasoned in the field. I made this last Fall and took it Deer hunting with us and it was delicious. Servings approximately 4-6 hungry hunters. It is good to have some home made bread to go with and to mop up the bowl. You can add whatever other vegetables you like and just experiment. If you find something even tastier let me know how you modified the recipe.

Oh, by the way I did draw Sage Grouse tags so they will be my first quarry of the Fall 2008 hunting season. Only 2 birds per person and that is it. Looking forward to watching Jet do her thing. Season opens on September 6th.

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Anonymous said...

What time is dinner, that just plain sounds very tasty.

Terry Scoville said...

I'll ring the dinner bell for ya' Rick . . .

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

That sounds wonderful! We'll have to try it in a few weeks...I love sage grouse!


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