Friday, August 8, 2008

Cabin Work

I am headed to Lowlands tomorrow with my good friend Dan. This is where I waterfowl hunt as well as some Pheasant hunting. It is in Southern Oregon in the Klamath basin, once a mecca for waterfowling. There is a modest cabin at this location that a few of us use. Being the resident woodworker, I typically do a few minor improvements during the off season. This trip Dan and I are replacing the sink counter and adding an extended counter next to it. The best part of this improvement is that the sink will now be at its proper 36"H. Another member did this counter originally and it has stood for some 20 years. Although it was built at 32"H. and needless to say gets to be a back breaker after awhile. So Dan dropped off donated materials yesterday at my shop and I have been busy cutting, ripping and figuring. Doing as much as I can before we get there tomorrow. We will also re-do the shelving in the mud room and dispose of any and all items which are no longer of use. When you have a small space, optimizing is critical. The cabin has 3 beds, a frig, wood stove and hot water tank. The thought of a shower has become part of the conversation of recent years. Maybe just do a small addition, it really wouldn't take to much. Oh and how good that would feel after a wet, cold day of hunting. Heck I may not want to come home . . . ever! Well I guess I'd eventually need to do some laundry and catch up on e-mail etc. Shucks, still sounds pretty darn good to me.

We are going to take our shotguns and shoot some skeet during our "work" breaks. Also taking our .22's and shoot some Sage rats (Belding's Ground Squirrels) and Marmots. Oh and lest we not forget, we will be in Skunk habitat. We will take our bins (binoculars) and go for some bird walks along the Klamath River. Typically there are White Pelicans, Western Grebes, Terns, Gulls, and a plethora of local waterfowl. We even have 1 to 2 pairs of nesting Sandhill Cranes on our property, very special indeed!

The top photo is from 2006 when my friend John and I replaced the old aluminum track windows with energy efficient vinyl windows. Wow what a difference that has made. The bottom photo is looking to the South with the Klamath River. off in the distance. I put in the fixed counters last year and we disposed of an oval table. Sure has made it easier to sweep the floors and come and go out the door without the table being in the way. The Fung Shway is far from perfect, yet isn't that what makes "hunting cabins" what they are? Gotta go get busy, have a great weekend everybody!

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Tom Sorenson said...

Have fun - it looks like a pretty sweet huntin' cabin to me!

Rick said...

That looks like a real nice place. Good luck with all the renovations.

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