Friday, December 12, 2008

First Arctic Storm Is Almost Here !

Yea, we can all rest a little easier knowing there are fresh birds coming our way. It has been a poor season generally speaking this year. With very few storms from the far north to push new birds south for their annual migration. We as hard core waterfowlers have had to scour the bowels of what few flooded fields we've had as well as those ditches that fed 'em. The so called local nesting population of waterfowl are either in my freezer, Hunt Eat Lives!, NorCals, Hunter Angler Gardner Cooks, a friend of ours or they have managed to scathe away to a secret hidey hole.

I was pleasantly surprised last Saturday when I shot my first Goldeneye of the season, not knowing that they were a week ahead of this big arctic storm that is only hours away. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I have been frantically calling all my hunting buddies to see who can come and hunt with me on the Klamath River this weekend. The forecast is for strong winds gusting up to 34 mph and snow accumulation as well. Excellent, this will finally push those ducks off the Upper Klamath Lake and force them to find other areas for protection. There have been a few thousand ducks on the Upper Lake that I have driven by both going and returning home each hunting trip. They have been like the proverbial carrot in front of my nose and just out of reach. Driving on Hwy. 97 at 60 mph. I identify the waterfowl and continually shake my head from side to side. Scaup, Buffleheads, Ring Necked, Redheads, Widgeon, Canvasbacks and the list goes on and repeats. Causing guttural sounds from within along with a slight dis contentedness.

This storm with it's strong winds will whip up that large body of water like a Cuisinart on high. There won't be a duck left on it til days later after the storm passes on Monday or Tuesday. I anticipate excellent diver hunting with plentiful opportunities. Fast flying divers wind driven and skimming the tops of the white caps. I can already see shot strings and skipping Buffs, horizontal snow flurries, the smell of wet dogs, wet wool, and excited hunters. This is what I've been waiting for. Say so long to the mild sunny days of this years waterfowl season and welcome the wrath of winter and the waterfowlers dream. I bid you adieu lest I not be late for the arrival of the last big drake!

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Tom Sorenson said...

Yeah - I'm not completely sure I'm excited about it, though - here's what I read in our weather report: Winds of 45 MPH, snow, high of 29, low of 15. BRRRR! Time to move to AZ. :)

Live to Hunt.... said...

Oh Terry, you big tease. I can't wait! I love this line; "This storm with it's strong winds will whip up that large body of water like a Cuisinart on high." LOL. That is a perfect description! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The seasons are not like they used to be when I was younger. I don't know if it is because of global warming or what.
I do know it is effecting the deer movement here in the northeast.

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