Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh So Fast The Time Flies By !

I have a feeling that most of my duck hunting is over for this year. That big arctic blast and the continuing storms have turned my hunting area into an ice rink. No open water means no ducks. Yet there is still the opportunity for some late season goose hunting. Which is a much slower pace.

Typically my goose hunting days when in the field and not on the rivers edge, consists of a very long and quiet day laying on my backside in a ground blind in hopes that I will get an opportunity to shoot. Hence it is called a wild goose chase for obvious reasons. It also means very cold days in the snow and without Jet at my side to converse with. She stays in the cabin sleeping, and waiting for my return. Not understanding why she doesn't get to be with me. I do have a field blind for her and when it's not to cold I do bring her. She is not the most patient, especially when we aren't able get in a couple days of jump shooting ducks to kinda tire her out before hand.

When I left Lowlands (our hunting club)I wasn't able to drain the cabin pipes as they were frozen. I may have quite a mess when I return, not to mention a job too. The pipes are Pex and not pvc, so with any luck I may be alright. Think I'll pick up a roll of heat tape for when I head back down there. If nothing has broke, then maybe the heat tape will work its magic.

Otherwise it has been a good duck season with approximately 54 ducks shot and 51 recovered.
Mallard 16
Bufflehead 11
N. Shoveller 8
G.W. Teal 6
Common Goldeneye 4
Lesser Scaup 3
Widgeon 2
Gadwall 1
Snipe 11
Pheasant 2

In looking back over the season thus far, it is not difficult to see the distinction between local early season birds and the influx of migrating birds. Both in species and numbers harvested. From here on out hunting in the Klamath basin will be a process in patience and a reminder of why I pursue waterfowl. It certainly is not to limit out but more importantly to be a witness for another season's migration. As well as the great joy and pride it has given me when watching Jet do her thing. Be it retrieving crippled ducks, breaking a thin layer of river ice for Buffleheads or catching up to and flushing wiley Pheasants. She is now on "auto pilot" having learned so much in her 8 and a half years. I hope I get the opportunity to get her a few more birds this season. Then again if not that is just fine too. She seems to enjoy the indoor comforts a little more each year as we get further into winter's deep freeze. With a little break in the storms I hope to get back to Lowlands before the year is up. If not, it's always been a fine place to bring in the New Year. Maybe Santa will have sent some Honkers there for when Jet and I return.

Jet and I wish all of you a safe, warm and very Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

That list sure sounds to me like you had a productive and great season. It is always sad to see it come to an end but, now you can rest a bit and prepare for the next season.

Happy holidays to you and Jet. Be safe and enjoy.

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

Didn't you just write a post about how excited you were for the cold arctic blast??? Be careful what you wish for... All jokes aside, girls are in bed and waiting for Santa... And to think, CBS news reported today that the holiday season didn't jump start the economy... Judging by the Christmas tree, we did our part....

Have a great one!!!

Terry Scoville said...

Well DEDH, I have been reminded everyday since the Arctic blast hit, that I need to be careful what I ask for! Next time I'll be a little more specific.
From the looks of Christmas around here, Jet and I have done our part too.

NorCal Cazadora said...

Merry Christmas, Terry!

We've done our part to help the economy down here too.

And as for those ducks, we'll try not to be too greedy with them during their stay with us down here in the big valley.

Big Dan said...

Hey Terry,
Nice condensed season, no greed this season I know how many days/hours you have put in for that list, not many ducks per day but Great memories, I'm glad we got to share some. Maybe some geese later on.

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks BD, I'm glad we got to share some field time this year. Yea, it's not always gravy that's for sure! Yet it makes for some good stories.

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