Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well Hello Five - O, OMG ! Pt. 2

Oh yea, the afternoon Snipe hunt. That's where I left off. Alright so Jet and I had some food, I processed the ducks from earlier this morning and needed to get ready for round two.

More coffee as I grabbed my boxes of # 7 steel shot from my gunning box and began switching them out with the # 3's that I use for ducks. I got my hunting vest loaded with 7's and an extra box in the back pouch of my vest (just in case). Switched guns and double checked the chokes in my Beretta Silver Snipe 20 ga. making sure they were the most open ones I had. Alright, "Jet are you ready to go"? She was indeed and out the door we went at 1:30 p.m. for some fast flying Common Snipe action.

The afternoon was warming and the marsh was so still you could see ripples if a pin dropped. The ducks in the river were napping with heads tucked under their wings slowly moving with the flow of the current. No one was making a sound. We made our way out into the shallow flooded fields where the Snipe had been the weekend before. Jet was rested, recharged and fully immersed in the mission at hand, or shall I say paw? None the less, my heart is beating faster with each step I take, knowing full well at any second I am about to be startled. The silence broken by a flushed Snipe vocalizing its high pitched alarm: SCAMP SCAMP SCAMP! It so un does me for the first few flushes, then I settle my nerves, refocus and become hyper alert to the details on the ground around me. If you move slowly enough and train your eyes you can see the Snipe (sometimes) before they flush.

Alright, we have two in the bag and six to go for a limit. There are several flocks of about 15 to 25 Snipe per flock. This is great, I thought the cold temps might have pushed them south, lucky me! We continue to walk slowly ready at every second for a flush and Jet is having way to much fun. She is definitely doing a personal hunt of her own. She seems to have very selective hearing when we are Pheasant and Snipe hunting. Oh S--T, another one missed, and another, didn't even see that one get up. Geeze, my eyes are not getting any better, that's for sure. Ahh darn-it! Now you know why I grabbed that extra box of shells. O.K. time to get down to business. Stop trying to swing and shoot these little guys, do it like I know I can. Point and shoot, get my head out of my way and let my instincts work for me. Boom, 1 down- SEE? There you go, get'em as they flush going away!

After about an hour we had our 8 bird Snipe limit and proceeded to the Klamath River dike to sit a spell and pluck awhile. We did good not losing a single bird and one we knocked down got up and flew off again. So I don't think it was to worse for the wear. Facing south the sun reflecting off the water felt warm and jet was already sleeping again. Sometimes I wish I were a Lab. As I sat there plucking and watching some Buffleheads swim down river I am tickled with such a fine day in the field. Truly one of the best days ever. The first time that I have gotten a limit of divers in the morning followed by a limit of Snipe in the afternoon. Not only that, but shooting my Beretta Silver Snipe 20 gauge ta'boot. Not sure how I'll top this one. Pretty special indeed.

So far this fifty thing seems to be working pretty well for me and frankly, I'm real happy to be right where I am. I am thankful for my health, friends, 4 legged hunting partners and the ability to pursue my passions. Thanks to my fellow hunting bloggers for your support, encouragement, feedback, comments and for welcoming WHJ into your lives. If it weren't for you folks, I wouldn't be writing this, so Thanks! Looking forward to the second half and we'll see you in the field. CHEERS!

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Live to Hunt.... said...

Even better than Part I. Awesome Terry, and congrats again on the big five-O!

Tom Sorenson said...

Well, happy birthday and I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks you guys!

The Downeast Duck Hunter said...

No doubt Terry that things worked out well for you last weekend, hope that the divers keep coming your way... By the way, could I send this ice storm we are getting into your way??? Coastal predictions are giving 1/2 inch of ice for tonight and tomorrow, up to 1 inch inland... If school gets cancelled I might just have to sneak under the shore for one of those blacks....

Take care,

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks DEDH, as for the ice storm your having I think I'll let you keep that one for yourselves. We have our first ARCTIC BLAST coming down the pike starting tomorrow afternoon. Up to 2' of snow in the Cascades, so those Goldeneyes last weekend knew what was coming.A

As the saying goes: "There's a time to try and a time to fly, and a smart bird knows why". Hope you get some Black duck action, stay safe!

NorCal Cazadora said...

Belatedly, Terry, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a fantastic day.

I hope I get to spend my 50th in such style. Unfortunately, it'll be on a weekday, and in September to boot. Oh well, maybe I'll be able to hit doves by then.

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks NorCal, I'm sure that your upcoming Snipe hunt will be just the ticket to make shooting Doves seem like slow motion. I have confidence you'll do just fine!

EcoRover said...

Thanks for the nice snipe story! I love the little buggers, but it's rare to flush more than a few here on Continental Divide. Once in awhile hit a good flight coming through.

I believe snipe (and their woodcock cousin) are the tastiest thing on wings!

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...

Terry...I love to snipe hunt and chase them as often as possible! That's an awesome post! I've never harvested a limit of snipe! Good job!


Terry Scoville said...

Thanks Shawn. They are sure a challenge to swing on. About the only way I can be successful is by point and shoot when they flush. Like Quail, just a smaller target,lol.

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