Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Black Bear Story, By T. Harris

The following story is by another woman named Teri who spends a lot of time in the saddle and out in the mountains. I hope you enjoy her story of how she got her first Black Bear.

My husband Kevin and I lived outside of Pilot Rock Or. at the time. In the summer we rode for a cattle rancher checking his cattle in mountain pastures near our house. If I remember right it was September of 2001, my husband and I were in the hills riding as usual, we stopped on top of a bald saddle to look over the draws below. Kevin rode off a little ways from me to scan the other side, he came back a few minutes later and told me to follow him quietly that there was a bear in the draw right below us. We rode over to the edge and in the bottom of the draw in a clearing was the bear, since this was only the second bear I had ever seen in the wild, I was REALLY excited. The bear was approx. 100 yards away, he noticed us but didn't seem to care, he purposely walked further out into the clearing, walked up an open bank and stared at us. Then he slowly walked down to the bottom again, grunted and snapped his teeth, then slowly trotted into the brush out of site. Kevin said that he had seen that bear several times before while out riding, he was huge, and had a large white "V" on his chest, and every time he didn't seem to care about being seen, even with the dogs around.

That evening we talked to the man that owned the land where we had seen the bear, we asked if it would be o.k. to hunt the bear. The owner was very happy to have us hunt that bear. He told us that bear had came down to his house several times, chased his horses through the fence, and killed a fawn directly behind his house.

After a few minutes of hearing the bear crash through the bushes I finally saw him break out into the clearing, he was loping slowly in a strait line across the clearing. I aimed at the right shoulder and shot, the bear shoved back on his haunches, then lunged forward and continued running toward the edge of the clearing into the brush. I heard him crashing around in the bushes for a while then silent. When we all got caught up with each other we approached the bushes with extreme caution, and found the bear dead.After dragging him to the bottom into the clearing we examined him and found that he was extremely old, he had an old bullet wound in his hindquarter, and his small teeth were all but worn down. He weighed 600 lbs, and was 7ft square, he was ranked 13th or 14th in the state that year.

That is quite an impressive bear and one to be very proud of, congratulations! Thanks for sharing your story and I hope to hear about more successful hunts down the road. Seems that the Oregon bears have been kind to us huntresses. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it continues, but I won't hold my breath on that one.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a very nice bear Teri, that is quite the achievement.

Deer Passion said...

Congrats on the bear, Teri! And thanks for sharing your story!

Blessed said...

Thanks for sharing another great bear hunting story.

gary said...

Keep the storys coming Terry and Teri, its the pulse of the experience. I really enjoy them.

The Hunter's Wife said...

That is a big bear. Congrats!

Terry Scoville said...

Thank you to all for your comments. I will pass them on to Teri Harris and I'm sure she appreciates them!

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