Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Fever

I have been busy doing lots of different jobs since the weather has been improving. It's been tough to sit down inside and work when the sun is out and getting warmer each day. The Western Bluebirds and Turkey Vultures are back and that's a sure sign of Spring.

Here's the update on my partially torn mcl ligament. Three weeks ago I was given an injection after no improvements during the prior 5 weeks. The injection is called PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma and thankfully that has lived up to its hype. I am finally able to sleep better, have less pain throughout the day and am gaining full range of motion. It is still going to be a long haul as I am not doing any cardio or strenght training yet. Cardio will be introduced first and that will give me a base to eventually begin strenghtening exercises for my quads and hams. My oh my how fast the muscle disappears. At least I was able to avoid surgery and I credit the years of weight lifting to the fact that this is only a partial tear. Clearly I will be walking in circles to the left come Fall. I have already informed my hunting partner John of this and he just chuckled. With any luck they'll be big circles.

I have also been spending time outside raking pine needles and generally cleaning up from Winter. It has been great to be outside without having to wear 5 layers and feel the sun warming my skin. Mind you though we just had 6" of snow a week ago. That's how fast things can and do change here on the high desert. I have also been doing some Spring cleaning inside my house and garage. Putting away random items from a lingering damp Spring. One item of particular note was the retiring of my first real hunting hat. The Elmira Fudd hat as hunting partner John called it. It was time and I knew it was coming for awhile. After I stepped in that Beaver hole and took on pocket water filling the back of my game vest and also my hat, while drying it over the wood stove it shrank considerably. I tried to gently stretch it out but to no avail and one of the chin strap ties broke too. The hat was an original from L.L. Bean that I bought back in 1978. They no longer make them and had I known how much I was going to use it I'd have bought another just to have in reserve. These days I do buy two of something that I know I will use especially if it seems like it might not be around for long. So I said goodbye to my old chapeau and thank you for the many miles we've travelled together. Your service was first rate and unparalleled. You will be greatly missed and remembered fondly!

The other bit of business that has kept me away from writing posts has been the little wood wagon. This project was completed and delivered this past Thursday and the new owners were delighted. A bit of history about this project. I have built several items for this couple including a coffee table, entertainment center and a side table all designed around their dining table. They now wanted a new wagon to match the rest of their furniture. This wagon is used to bring in firewood from their garage and sits next to the wood stove, all in one clean trip. After much discussion and research on all our parts and some trial and error we finally were directed to an Amish fellow who builds wood wagon wheels. To make a very long story shorter we got the wheels and undercarriage hardware a year after we began the project. It took some figuring and correspondence to the wheel builder to get the information required to assemble the undercarriage. Suffice it to say after a few phone calls and 2 letters with some drawings we had what we finally needed. We then had to provide the axles, nuts, bolts, washers and do some machining. The fellow I built it for he and I spent 2 days laying it out and getting the proper hardware and doing a mock up with a piece of 3/4 plywood. Eventually we succeeded. This was prior to my injection which laid me up for a few days and there after limited my activity for the following 2 weeks. My job was to build the upper rails, sides of the wagon, color stain and lacquer to match the rest of their furniture. Also trying to find a material to cover the steel band that wrapped the wood rims so as to not damage their tile and carpet.

I eventually tried tuffy tire liners and they worked great. Tuffy's are a flexible plastic that are used on bicycle wheels and placed between the tube and inside of the tire to prevent punctures. I used 2 coats of contact cement on both surfaces and it worked fine. Then cleaned them up and trimmed off the excess width. It took considerable time to make the upper assembly and then do the finish work. The wagon rolls with ease and maneuvers nicely. All in all I was very pleased with the final results. Best of all so were my friends who I built it for. It wasn't long after I hired him to work for me that he returned the favor and a fast friendship began. What a pleasure indeed.

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NorCal Cazadora said...

Wow, bummer about your hat! I have a few articles of clothing almost that old, and I keep them even though I don't wear them, just because, hey, they've made it this long.

Love the wood wagon, and I'm glad to hear about your knee doing a little better too!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you get better real soon.
I really like the wagon, you do awesome work.

Blessed said...

LL Bean has some awesome stuff! But so does Filson... good luck finding a replacement for your hat!

Glad to hear that your knee is doing better. Our 7 year-old lab who tore his ACL, had surgery to replace it and two years of light duty recovery still circles to the right when we run him! He's a big teddy bear of a dog that was never much of a hunter anyway - he'd rather play with the kids than seriously look for birds so it's ok. We bought our 5 year-old when the older dog was down with the injury and he eats, breathes, and sleeps hunting so he more than makes up for his big brother!

The wagon is awesome. We need something like that!

Deer Passion said...

That's a beautiful wagon, Terry! I wish I had the patience or the know-how to begin wood-working - you always leave me inspired! Good luck with the physical therapy - sending prayers that it heals quickly!

Terry Scoville said...

Thank you NorCal, Rick, Blessed and DP. Appreciate the kind words and I am busy looking for a replacement hat. I think Woolrich may have what I need. Sure miss that old hat.

Glad you liked the wagon, it was a fun project and I am happy to say I have visitation rights!

gary said...

Thats a bummer that the knee is so slow in healing. Is this meaning no bear hunt this spring? Sue's dad and Todd got tags so we are looking forward to that.

Awesome looking wagon, almost hate to put wood in it and ding it up! Must be a zero clearence stove with all that glass and the wooden wagon next to it?!

Live to Hunt.... said...

Well haven't you been a busy little 'beaver' lately. Sorry, couldn't resist. Gald the knee if finally on the mend and you're getting around. The wagon is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your leg is getting better. It may be slow, but it's improving and that's what counts.

Love the little wood wagon too. Very cute.

Terry Scoville said...

Gary, as for bear hunting this spring. I am cautiously optimistic. If my knee continues to improve at it's current pace I will be able to wear my knee brace and begin doing light cardio very soon. So far the healing has been about not doing anything and I mean doing absolutely zero, other than walking. That's what been frustrating about this injury. i will at least be able to get out on closed roads and do lots of glassing. Maybe another one will come my way. I am excited for Sue's dad to get out there and possibly get a bear. That would be the icing on the cake! Good luck to you all in that effort.
As for the wagon yes the stove has all the proper heat shields for such close proximity to the wagon. The inside bottom is covered with a rubber mat so it won't get to dinged up.

Live To Hunt, thanks and you crack me up! You know there's a beaver with a big 'ol "X" on his back in Klamath County. I'll deal with him next Fall. I'd like to make more wagons if I can figure a way to get the cost down. They're fun to build and roll with ease.

Kristine, thanks and you're so right. Better slow than not at all. The first 5 weeks were horrible and finally a relief to be moving in a positive direction. As much as that injection hurt I would do it again in a heart beat! Worth every penny and discomfort.

Shawn K. Wayment, DVM said...


That sounds like some pretty awesome medical technology! I'm glad you're doing better. I hope you get back to norm w/o surgery too!

Your wood work is incredible!

Terry Scoville said...

Thanks Shawn, on both counts. I'd be surprised if you're not using PRP on animals in the not so distant future. Check out their blog if you get the time. Seems like a natural for your profession. Plus much cheaper than surgery.

The Hunter's Wife said...

Glad to hear your knee is healing. Hopefully it won't take much longer.

Sad about your hat. I still have old jeans I love because I think my hiney might fit back in them one day.

Love the wagon!

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