Thursday, March 19, 2009

Review, Pineapple Jerky

A few days ago I received a new product called Pineapple Jerky from to give a try and share my thoughts about it. Well at first thought it sounds a bit like a contradiction, although give it a shot because I think you might be pleasantly surprised. I was a bit skeptical at first then it wasn't much after my first bite I thought to myself, mmmm I think they're on to something here. Wishing I had thought of it first. Anyhow, it has a bit of zip from the pineapple and just a touch of sweetness from the honey. It really is more like jerky than not, and not something you chew twice and swallow. It takes a bit more chewing just like meat jerky. It's good, plain and simple. It packs easy and will be great for summer hikes, cycling and hunting next Fall. A definite must for my day pack.

It is a USA made product from start to finish and we need more companies like this these days. They're products are to numerous to mention them all here. Just a few highlights in my opinion that I'll mention. They have the widest selection of USA made jerky products. They have pre packaged jerky for shipping to military personnel as well as giving a 10% discount for such purchases. The last item of interest to me was the fact that they have many types of jerky without MSG. Saving those of us with sensitivity to MSG a few unwanted headaches. They also have a user friendly web site and easy ordering. Even if you're not a pineapple fan there are lots of other choices of jerky products to try. Check out the reviews at their site and give them a call. Do a little something nice for yourself. Find your favorite jerky at, you can tell them the Head Quail sent you. Oh, and free shipping.

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Disclaimer: No financial gains were made for made for this impartial review.


Deer Passion said...

Everyone seems to be trying out this pineapple jerky!! It looks delicious.. and since I'm seeing it everywhere my mouth is starting to water... ***drooling***

gary said...

Jerky of any kind or color is hard to resist. Its one drawback is its tough on the TMJ. This one sounds excellent too.

Terry Scoville said...

Gary, you may want to give this Pineapple jerky a try. It is easy on the jaw!

troutbirder said...

Sounds intriguing. Who would have ever thought. I love my lab- golden cross. He was the best for upland game. Then as my knees degenerated I switched to duck hunting and Chessapeaks. They were strong and powerful in the water.
And did fine jump shooting as well including the occasional pheasant.

Blessed said...

this does sound soooo good!

The Hunter's Wife said...

It was really good!

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