Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Courage and Inspiration

Thanks to Kristine at Outdoor Bloggers Summit for this wonderful challenge.

The word Cancer is a scary word. I pray I will not hear a doctor telling me, that the diagnosis is cancer. I have seen first hand, the ravages of cancer take my fathers life. He fought Lymphoma for years with courage and dignity. I was barely a teenager when our mom told us about it. There wasn't any discussion about any of it. This was back in the early 70's and both my parents were in their 50's and of a generation that kept private matters private. In retrospect I'm sure they wanted to protect us kids from the details. None the less we saw the toll it was taking on him, in all ways. For my brother and I it was horrible not being able to offer comfort or aid to our dad. It affects the entire family, how can it not? We did our best to find the positive things in our lives. Enjoying special times together and trying not to look past tomorrow, not knowing if it would find us still together or not.

My dad was a quiet man with infinite courage and amazing inner strenght. The times we spent together are deeply cherished and I miss him everyday, even after 30 plus years. Since his passing a few of my friends have been diagnosed with breast cancer.Fortunately they continue to lead active lives and their courage is amazing. The ability to fight and not give up is indeed inspiring.

I have given a yearly donation on my dad's behalf to the American Cancer Society since his passing. In recent years I have been involved in cycling events supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation. My local bike shop is Sunnyside Sports. One of the owners Gary Bonacker was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2003. Soon after in 2005 he started the Tour des Chutes bike ride in conjunction with the LAF. He continues to fight as well as offering support and help to others with the disease. He is quick with a smile and just a delight to be with.

So for me it is not hard to find inspiration. There are many people who are fighting the fight of their lives and I will continue to make my annual donation and ride in cycling events promoting cancer research. I find great inspiration from watching Lance Armstrong too. He is an incredible athlete period. He has mobilized an entire nation and even the world. This is a horribly terrible disease and we all need to do our part to help fight it. Every little bit helps, truly.

Do it for those who have passed or are fighting for their next breath. Give something of yourself to those less fortunate and you will make a difference. There are so many wonderful organizations supporting and improving peoples lives. Pick one and get involved in some way. It will change your life forever. As a member of the OBS we are getting stronger every week and together we can, and do make a difference. Let's make a waves from a single ripple. Go ahead and start now.

I have a great life and nothing to complain about, absolutely nothing. I ride my bike because I am able to. I know someday will come when age and or health interjects, but til then I will ride, hunt and be an advocate for those who are less fortunate.

"Pain is temporary, failure lasts a lifetime". L. Armstrong

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Live to Hunt.... said...

Terry, he sounds like a wonderful man who raised one heck of a wonderful daughter. Thanks for sharing this story.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very nice post.

Kristine Shreve said...

Great post, Terry. Your father sounds like a terrific guy, and I think he would be honored that you are helping others in his memory.

Thanks for participating in the Challenge.

Terry Scoville said...

LTH, thank you for the kind words. He taught me much and I am grateful to this very day.

Rick, your welcome my pleasure.

Kristine, thank you too. My dad was a supporter of underdogs and so am I. He set a fine example.

Blessed said...

My dad has had cancer twice... thankfully he is in remission now and we still have him with me. From the sounds of things you had a pretty awesome dad. Thanks for all you do to help fight cancer.

Cristina Acosta said...

Moving blog entry Terry. You are so blessed to have such wonderful memories of your dad.

gary said...

Terry, I don't know how I missed this blog. Aren't we fortunate that good memories last a lot longer then bad ones. Your Dad was and is a good memory and inspiration to you and now to us as you share him.

Cancer is what it is - cancer, it just plain eats life away. Lost mom and sis 45 days apart to it. My oldest bro. and youngest bro. are cancer survivors - runs in the family I guess. I sure can appreciate every effort in the battle of this desease.

Thanks for sharing.

Terry Scoville said...

Your welcome Gary. Seems the disease has touched everyone's life in some manner. I am so thankful for the good memories, as you say they last longer.

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