Friday, August 14, 2009

Reconnaissance and Clean Up

Headed to the Klamath Basin today to do a little prep work before all the hunting seasons begin. My friend Dan and I are looking forward to a little marsh time. I haven't been back to Lowlands since my run in with that Beaver hole late Jan. that put an early end to late season goose hunting. I am pert near 100 % and will have my eyes peeled for Mr.Beaver. We aren't done yet!

Otherwise Dan and I will be clearing Knapweed from the hill area where the cabin is, replace outdoor lighting, some general cleaning and garbage removal. Lest I not forget that we are taking our shotguns and some clay targets to intersperse amongst the work detail. Dan is an amazing shot and just a lot of fun to be with. We are looking forward to see what the waterfowl numbers are and with some luck perhaps even see Sandhill Cranes.

The recon is all about Deer, specifically bucks. Last year I shot a beautiful 4 year old tall forked horn. He was running with a 4 x 5 who obviously was the wiser and knew just where to position himself relative to the forked horn. So I am hoping that the big fellow made it through last years hunting seasons, winter and is back on our property enjoying the good life. We will soon find out.

The weather here in central Oregon has begun to have a sense of Fall to it. Temperatures have dropped and there has been a nip in the air. This change will be short lived however as by next week we'll be back in the low 90's. With Dove season just around the corner (Sept.1) we usually have a couple days of rain just prior to the opening, at which time a large majority of the Doves head south. Leaving us with a fraction of the summer's population. Then Indian summer begins and so will freezing overnight temperatures. I am hoping for at least that to help spur the Elk into rutting for my Sept. bow hunt. I continue to practice shooting my bow and am still happy with my set up. All my pins have been readjusted for my broadheads and all systems are go.

Will let you know what we see at Lowlands from this weekends reconnaissance. Til then, keep practicing and shoot straight. Have a great weekend everybody.

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Live to Hunt.... said...

It is about that time of year, eh Terry? I too am beginning to get things ready for the season, hard to believe it is almost here. Duck numbers look good, should be a great season.

Deer Passion said...

I'm so ready for fall, the cooler weather, and all the hunting/outdoor activities that it brings!

Glad to hear you're almost back to 100%, it's been quite the journey for you!

Terry Scoville said...

LTH, yep another season is just around the corner. Comes faster every year.

DP, I am ready too! Will be a bit more careful on those dikes and ditches this season. Temps will be in the upper 90's this week and then back to the 80's by the weekend. Ready too for the cooler weather.

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