Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a no brainer and everyone loves these. Simple and fun.

To start with, cut elk (any cut you like it's all good) into 1" squares approx.
Season lightly with garlic powder and pepper.
Chop up vegetables: I use red and orange bell peppers, fresh mushrooms, sweet onions, zucchini and cherry tomato's.

Make sure you soak your bamboo skewers prior to skewing, this way your meat and veggies will stay skewered through the barbecuing period.
Next give all your veggies a light dousing with a good olive oil and begin skewering your goodies, alternating the meat as you like.

Get the BBQ hot and place your skewers on the grill and rotate as each side gets browned,usually about 2-3 minutes a side and 10 minutes later you'll be ready to start eating.

This is a very versatle recipe so be creative and use your imagination. Get your friends to help you skewer the goodies. Enjoy!

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