Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review: Daystalker Pack

I am somewhat new to the world of big game hunting having begun in 2001. Although I have had more than my share of ill fitting fanny packs, day packs and the like. It took me a couple years of hunting big game to figure out just what I needed from a pack. So the researching began. Tired of rubbed raw hip bones and a sore low back, I was a woman on a mission. After much searching I found Kifaru Backpacks and after reading about the research and development and who started the company, it more than got my attention. The owner is Patrick Smith who also started Mountainsmith back in the 70's I believe. This is someone who does his homework and requires the best gear period! So after several phone calls speaking with a woman employee of Kifaru who also hunts big game, she understood what my needs were in a pack. I felt confident that my choice of the Daystalker pack would meet my needs and then some. There design is second to none when it comes to custom fitting and supporting a heavy load. Their packs are actually designed for a woman's anatomy. The weight is carried by our own frame, our skeleton. The Daystalker rests snugly against your lumbar area, with the weight distributed through your skeleton. The Daystalker pack does not tug at your shoulders or rub your hip bones raw. With its internal frame and external adjustments you are able to customize the fit day after day. It has an interior pocket for a hydration bladder and easy access to the inside. Boasting 1300 cubic inches in a very compact size. I carry the essentials for processing a Deer or Elk, as well as rain gear and all I need to spend an unplanned night in the back country. There is to much for me to mention in this review and I strongly encourage you to check it out for yourself. I can not say enough good things about the Daystalker! This is a serious pack built by hunters for hunters.

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Disclaimer: No financial gains were made for this review.

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