Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do Your Research!

Alright, so I think I have gained my composure enough now to write about a very serious topic. That being one of hiring a taxidermist to preserve your cherished trophy. When it comes to the world of taxidermist, they too have their share of charlatans, those who are wannabes and talk a good talk all the way to the bank with your hard earned money. Leaving you, the customer with a slim chance of reversing the damage which they did to your "one of a kind-once in a lifetime" trophy. Tarnishing forever a cherished memory.
So, be warned and do your research. This includes those who are just casual acquaintances, who call themselves taxidermists.We don't go to just any ol' doctor, realtor or drop off the kids at the baby sitter without investigating who these people are and their business history. We want, no we need to know if there is something undesirable in their history. Call your local better business bureau and conduct basic interviews with more than one taxidermist before you hire them. Talk with the president of your own, states taxidermists association and find out who not to go to, and who they recommend in your area. This is imperative, you must do your homework before you have that trophy in your hands. Waiting til you need a taxidermist is inadvisable. Reasons being you are elated with your trophy and the shady "taxidermist" will talk a good line leaving you feeling confident until you go pick up your trophy and then it's to late.
This past year I personally have had problems with a local taxidermist. So I speak from experience and trust me, there are few things that are as hard to swallow as a trophy that is forever damaged. Especially when the taxidermist claims to have done it correctly and takes no responsibility for the damages sustained. Yet the evidence is as plain as the nose on your face. Can you say, "boiling blood"? There is very little recourse. The best remedy is to do your research, spell out in detail exactly how you want your mount to be done and make sure this information is in writing on the work order. No detail is to small. A reputable taxidermist will be glad you are this concerned about your animal...they should be too. Ask for references of their work because it is you who are hiring them for a service. Ultimately the best way to protect yourself and your recent trophy is to educate yourself and become a knowledgeable and savvy client. Good luck and be careful! (P.S. I can tell you one not to go to!)

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