Saturday, May 24, 2008


Do you happen to remember your first duck you shot? Or how about your first deer? You have to remember your first bear! Well I remember my first deer, elk and bear. The duck and other birds are a bit fuzzy in recollecting. Oh, I do remember my first White Fronted Goose, also known as "Specs". That was just a couple years ago during the opening weekend of waterfowl season. How cool that was! My point of all this is that just because you didn't start hunting as a kid doesn't mean you can't start now.

I didn't start big game hunting til my early 40's around 2001. I am having so much fun learning about this type of hunting. I am like a kid at Christmas or probably in more excited. I am sure that's what my hunting partner John will tell you. He is a pretty even keeled guy with a mischievous glint in his eye. We had a lot of fun hunting Elk last Fall, though we never fired a single shot. Actually not that unusual. Anyhow, if you are the least bit curious about hunting be it birds or mammals it's not to late to learn. I am so thankful to have several wonderful men friends who don't mind showing me how to pursue big game. Not to mention, learning to gut and skin the animals as well as butcher the meat and wrap it in those nice white packages. On the other hand it's been fun teaching a few of them what I know about waterfowl hunting.

So, be brave and ask one of your friends if they'd be willing to teach you about hunting whatever it is you're interested in. Chances are the they will say sure and crack a smile. Leaving you wondering just what the heck you've gotten yourself into. Remember we all started at the same place and none of us have gotten to where we are without help and some kind of mentoring from our friends. Trust me, it is addictive. You're welcome to email me with any questions about hunting or getting started, and I'd be glad to help you in any way I can.

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