Friday, May 2, 2008

Two To Tango

Over the years I have spent plenty of time hunting solo with my dog. Those are special days afield. The pace is typically a notch slower and my focus is more on her and the present moment and taking it all in. There is really nothing quite like watching your children grow and learn, be it 2 legged or 4. This past waterfowl season Jet came into her own and I am so proud of her. She has taught me more than my other two Labs I've raised and hunted with. Perhaps a bit of maturation process on my part too. There are some benefits to A-G-E. She taught me to see things from her perspective, that is about 18" off the ground. Life does look different from down there. For the first 2 full seasons I was hunter and retriever. Boy I sweated buckets in those neoprene chest highs in October, crossing muddy ditches while she sat on the bank and cheered me on.....or so I thought. Then we continued our travels and every now and then I'd dump a duck out of my vest 'cause I knew we'd be coming back this way. So when we did return I'd get her excited and tell her to "find the bird" and gesture with my hand in the general direction. I was able to see the duck before I sent her so I knew it wasn't a "wild goose chase" yet. After much encouragement she'd find the duck and bring it to me. I would love her up and make a big deal out of it, just to build her confidence. She was pleased with herself as well, running in those puppy circles with such joy. Brought smiles to both our faces. This year was her 6th. in the field and it was special. Her favorite are Pheasants I think because they have so much scent. Anyhow when she is foot tracking them her tail goes left-right-left-right etc and when she is on the hot scent she starts helicoptering her tail. That's my cue to get ready 'cause all hell is gonna break loose any second and I best not let her down. You all know what that look is ...right?

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