Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What To Do When It All Freezes?

Have you ever thought about how to create the illusion of open water when the river, pond or flooded field that you're hunting is solid ice and you can't seem to even buy a shot at a duck or goose? Well you guessed it....I too have thought about that as well as snow covered fields. Anyway to add a little greenery without so called "baiting"? First I tried a large 20x40 piece of visqueen over ice on the Klamath River and set some of my G and H goose shells on it and waited with cautious optimism. Zip, zilch, nada and still I quander the solution if there is such. As for the snow covered fields, I tried a green tarp and had about as much success. So if any of you die hards out there have the answer, send me a clue. Otherwise I will continue to ponder the options. AstroTurf? any takers?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If you hunt Canada Geese with shell decoys you no doubt have noticed their big bright white cheek patches diminish with use. This is par for the course, considering the harsh weather, rough handling and just bouncing around in their respective bags. There is no time like summer time to get yourself a can of white exterior latex paint and a couple of small brushes and spruce up their white cheek patches. It doesn't take very long and the payoff is well worth it. I did this with my G and H 747 shells and wow what a difference. The other thing I do for my decoy heads is to put them in old socks, this really saves on wear and tear. I found all I needed at my local Goodwill store. I like the big heavy winter socks best. They offer a bit of padding and will last for many years. May seem like a bit much, although all that bouncing around is just paint rubbing off and that's not good. Stay tuned for more tips and tactics.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Dog Beds and 40 Winks

This past Christmas offered an opportunity that I just had to capitalize on. That being one of breaking in my niece to my dog Jet. More so the hairy facts of cohabiting with your 4 legged best friend. Jet was enjoying the visit from my brother and his family during the holidays, especially with small children whose hands are at her mouth height. She had whatever we ate plus her usual fare. As you can see from the photo she was very careful and yielded her space without hesitation. No doubt fine etiquette for this woman's best friend.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Hunting In Montana

During my training in woodworking in Missoula MT. my friend Jerry and I would take advantage of days out of school. We hunted the Bitterroot River in icey conditions floating it in his canoe and jumpshooting ducks and geese. Some folks looked at us as though we has a few extra holes in our head...and we just smiled back. Maybe we got some birds that day or not, it was more about just being out in those wild places and being a part of something bigger than us.

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