Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All

While I have been away from writing here on Women's Hunting Journal I have been trying to find areas to hunt waterfowl. It has been a challenging season so far. With an early freeze down south followed by several weeks of my attention needed on a new machine I purchased for my woodworking business, I have had a somewhat dismal waterfowl season.

I just returned yesterday from the Klamath Basin after attempting to harvest a Christmas goose. I spent a few days dug in and laying on my back in my ground blind and never fired a shot, nor did I ever see or hear more than a hand full of geese. Just not many birds using the area in which I hunt. So Jet and I came home and stowed our gear in hopes of a better hunt the next time. The landscape was beautiful with 4 to 6 inches of snow and the water table very high as it didn't take me long to get to water while I dug in my ground blind. I have learned a few tricks in staying dry and warm while hunting in cold winter conditions. Some of which include laying a white vinyl shower curtain down first, followed by decoy bags that have the foam padding in the back area, this helps tremendously to insulate from the cold ground. After that I lay my ground blind down and add an old fashioned ensolite pad to the inside of it. With my three layers in place and provided I have worn the right layers I am as warm and dry as a bug in a rug. Only thing missing was the crackling from the wood stove.

I set out 6 full bodied GHG decoys, 18 standard G and H shells and 6 G and H 747 shells. I had cut and carried with me cover in which to brush in my ground blind. From where I laid looking out through the mesh head cover all systems looked good. The full bodied decoys were enticing as they moved with the slightest breeze. All that was missing were the real birds in hopes of giving me the opportunity for a Christmas goose. There's a reason why it's called a wild goose chase. Good thing I have a few from last year still in my freezer.

Jet and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas with lots of good cheer!

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