Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Fun

Hello to one and all. I have been away from the blogoshere although not far from home. Have been enjoying a much needed hiatus from writing this summer and focusing more on outdoor adventures. I have been putting in my share of cycling road miles averaging about 125 miles per week, give or take a few. Also have been doing various summer odd jobs to help keep the frig full. Other than that I am still trying to get my house sold which is like trying to sell sand to the sandman.

Earlier this summer my friend Larry and I successfully completed our Master Hunter certification for Oregon and have since been spending time woodcutting for ourselves and his clients. Just about anything having to do with wood I enjoy and it's especially fun working with him. He spent many years up in Alaska as a Coast Guard helicopter pilot on Kodiak Island and other locations. He tells a good hunting story and I relish the opportunity to be his audience.

Hunting season for me may start with Sage Grouse in September, provided I draw a tag. My friend Dan, his son and I put in together so we'll see. Jet is still pretty much retired and will not go with us for this hunt due to the typically scorching heat. Just not worth taking the chance with her health and ageing hips. She will however go with me for some evening September Dove hunts. Those I am more able to keep a close eye on her activity and physical abilities should she have problems.

I did draw a rifle buck tag for early October but no tag for Elk, which leaves me hunting the general rifle season come mid November. I did consider archery which starts September 1 but opted to keep cycling for that month. Just having to much fun riding this summer to call it quits so early. It is a short cycling season here in the high desert anyhow, and riding indoors is not nearly as enjoyable to maintain my fitness and motivation. Waterfowl season also starts in October and I hope to have a buck hanging at my house or in the freezer by the time I reach for my steel shot and decoys.

Not much else going on right now just getting ready and staying busy as best I can. I will be posting more often come next month and the start of hunting season. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all are enjoying a wonderful summer.

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