Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Icebreaker Socks

Here is another worthy purchase for your trip afield or everyday use. If you haven't caught on yet that I am a sock snob or better said connoisseur of fine socks than the cat is out of the bag. This is my unbiased, unsolicited review of Icebreaker Socks.

I have been wearing Icebreaker's Hike + Mid Crew and Hike + Lite Crew socks for a good month now. These socks are different right off the bat. First, I noticed how they are anatomically designed for your feet with an obvious heel pocket. Not your standard "tube" sock design of one style fits all.  These socks are mid calf height and comfortable right from the start. This is how Icebreaker describes them. First the Hike + Mid Crew: 

"With strategic cushioning around the Achilles and underfoot, the exceptionally comfortable  Hike Mid Crew is ideal for long distance hikes in colder conditions. Superb temperature control and high breathability, which prevents clamminess". 

These socks are for rated for cold to very cold temps and I agree as long as you are moving. Personally I like a little thicker, heavier weight sock for very cold temps. The quality of Icebreaker's Merino Wool is unparalleled and has zero itch factor. The socks performed and fit well, and I would certainly not hesitate to add more to my collection. Fiber content 65% merino wool, 32 % nylon, 3% elastane. Cost $ 20.00

Their lighter weight cousin Hike + Lite Crew is well suited for a Spring Goose hunt or early Fall deer hunt. Same great construction and attention to detail. Just a lighter weight and suited for year round hiking. Both socks fit well, didn't  bunch up or migrate while wearing them, nor did my feet get clammy or damp. Also they did not smell after a days use. Fiber content 77% merino wool, 19% nylon, 4% elastine. Cost $ 19.00

I also tested the Icebreaker Multi Sport Cushion Micro sock. As a road cyclist a good pair of socks are critical as there are only 3 points of contact on a bike. Hot spots, numb feet or ill fitting socks can ruin an otherwise wonderful ride. These socks I absolutely loved and will certainly add more to my collection. Just the right weight for summer cycling and with the 55% merino wool my feet were happy from start to finish. Great fit, great cut and no seams on toes to irritate. The same is true regarding toe seams for all their socks. Specially designed LIN toe seams to reduce bulk and prevent blisters. Fiber content 55% merino wool, 43% nylon, 2% elastine. Cost $ 17.00

All in all I give Icebreaker Socks a big thumbs up and found them well built, easy to wash and wear, no pilling and no stink. That's a lot of plus's in my book as well as Icebreaker's 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with them for any reason.

 If you've been following Women's Hunting Journal for awhile then you know I have been a big fan of Icebreaker clothing and especially the Women's 260 Tech Top. I am wearing one now, honestly! Still can't give it enough rave reviews, love it.  To read my review click on the highlighted link. One last tidbit about Icebreaker products that is truly unique is their "baacode" which is on all packaging. This allows the customer to go online and input the code to see specifically where the wool came from. As in which sheep in New Zealand are sporting the wool of your new favorite pair of socks, tech top, coat or any other Icebreaker product. Talk about eco friendly renewable resources. Baacode rules!
Thanks Icebreaker for making quality products and your great customer service, 1st rate!

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Disclaimer: I  am not employed nor sponsored by Icebreaker. The opinion expressed  here is mine only and there have been no financial gains made regarding this review. 

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