Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: Kiwi Camp Dry Products

It has been a long winter here in central Oregon and a wet one at that! The early waterfowl season found me not in the marsh, but rather chasing deer and elk. By the time I got around to waterfowl hunting the weather was downright wet and wild. Lots of heavy snow during late Nov. and most of Dec. which was certainly needed. I was going on a few short hunts and eventually my hunting coat was starting to lose its ability to keep me dry during the heavy snows and subsequent rainy periods. Fortunately for me I was contacted by an individual from Kiwi Camp Dry products who asked if I'd be interested in testing their products and then giving a review? I was to eager to oblige and learn first hand about the kiwi Camp Dry line of products.

The two items I tested were the Kiwi Camp Dry Performance Fabric Protector and the Heavy Duty Water Repellent.

The Fabric Protector is perfect for repelling water, dirt and stains on all of your synthetic, nylon and Gore-Tex® fabrics. With their unique, quick drying, non-silicone, fluro- polymer formula you can protect your outdoor items without having to worry about discoloring and or affecting breathability. I found the spray cans to be very user friendly and was pleasantly surprised at just how many coats and other items I was able to protect all from one can while still having some left for next season. It worked very well on my waterfowl coat and did in fact keep me dry the rest of the season.

The Heavy Duty Water Repellent is a silicone based product that bonds to leather and fabric to create an extremely tough water barrier. I used this product on the rain fly of my tent and it did a great job and made it repel like never before, honestly! I am looking forward to treating my wall tent snow slide also. It is coated nylon and I can just imagine what the silicone will do for it when it comes to alleviating a snow load!

Both items come in user friendly sizes that can easily be tossed in a bag or your rig so that you've got them with you when you need them. The directions are easy to follow and just make sure you are in a well ventilated area when you use the products. These products are well worth it in my book and have come along ways from the days of scotchguard.

I want to give a big thank you to Erin for supplying me with the Kiwi Camp Dry items and to let you know you've made me a believer!

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Disclosure: No financial gains were made from this review, nor am I an affiliate merchant with this company.
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