Hunting Gear Needed For Women

Below is the start of a Women's Hunting Gear list that myself as well as other women hunters want manufactures to start producing. There are tremendous inequities amongst what is offered to men and not women who participate in the same outdoor pursuits. I am trying to promote an awareness to manufactures in hopes of filling these gaps. If you want to be included please click on this post, Cabela's, Please Return My Call ! and leave a comment, including what item or items you have not been able to find. The more women we can get to voice their gear needs and frustrations, the greater the opportunity to make a change for all of us. Thank you and please support these wonderful blogs.                                                                                   
  • Terry Scoville    Women's  Hunting Journal   Breathable Chest Waders                                                                                          
  • Karen                 Gorden Setter Crossing         Bird Hunting Vest
  • Suzee                 Base Camp Legends               Wool Camo Coveralls, 
  • Rebecca            Outdoor Blogger Network     Flyfishing Waders,  NO Pink Camo
  • Laura               The White Tailed Doe              Tall Sizes
  • Barbara            The WON                              Turkey Vest
  • HLYH               Hunt Like You're Hungry            List in progress
  • Alisha              Oakie Rednecks                      Better pricing for equal product
  • Jennifer            Milkweed and Teasel              Better fitting wool sweaters 
  • Anna                 Loving The Outdoors               Tall sizes, 35" inseam please!               .                                                 

The following are supportive men and their blogs, thanks very much guys!

Gary Sorenson        Base Camp Legends
Rick Kratzke           Whitetail Woods


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