Saturday, October 18, 2008

Review: Icebreaker 260 Tech Top

I accidentally happened upon this product a year ago when I received a shirt as a gift (wrong size) and the store didn't have my size, so I decided to splurge and try the Icebreaker. The store owner told me that all of her employees wear Icebreaker and not synthetics anymore. I was interested to find out for myself just what the buzz was about.

It didn't take me long to understand what her employees were raving about. To start with the top is made with 100% pure New Zealand merino wool. It does not itch, is excellent at wicking moisture and insulates when wet . This top has a long zipper to help control temperature. It has long sleeves with thumb holes which I found quite beneficial in helping to keep my hands warm during late season hunts. I did not feel that the thumb holes interfered with my gun handling abilities nor did they impede circulation. The Tech Top has long tails which also help keep the back side warm when sitting or lying in a ground blind. I really like that feature. I was perhaps most amazed with the fact that after 5 days of hauling 747 goose shells, ground blind etc. that I didn't stink to high heavens! The Tech Top does not hold oder. Let me say that again, it does not hold oder! Unlike capilene and other synthetics, which in less than half day is stinky after shuffling decoys or walking and jump shooting. Being a big game huntress the fact that the Tech Top doesn't hold oder is a huge plus. I am looking forward to the start of Elk hunting this Sat. Oct. 18, '08. Let me also say that it feels good against my skin, cozy and comfy. It hugs your body comfortably and moves with you. Yet retains its shape and doesn't get baggy after time.

I found the Tech Top to be quite versatile regarding temperature ranges for the sheer fact that is has a long zipper to adjust for heat dissipation. Also I can snuggle my nose and cheeks under the turtleneck when it is fully zipped. That is an added bonus when it's windy and or cold.

As for the seams, I did not have any discomfort at all from any of them. No chafing, or jabbing from poor workmanship. This is the best of the best from my experience. The price is a bit steep, although considering the tops versatility, durability and the "no stink" factor I can easily get past the cost. Retail is $99.99 for the top and is offered in several color choices. I am going to continue to give this top a work out and will let you know if my opinion changes. Honestly, I don't think that will happen with this product.

It reminds of when Thorlo socks were all the rage before SmartWool came on the scene. I had saved and saved to acquire a weeks worth of Thorlo's and then here came Smart wool. After I tried SmartWool socks that was it, sorry Thorlo's. I am now the proud wearer of Smart wool socks for all seasons. So, I am now saving for more Icebreaker products in different weights for the various seasons. Thanks Icebreaker for making such a wonderful product.

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Disclaimer: No financial gains were made for my impartial review


Blessed said...

That sounds like a product I need to try out - I appreciate real life reviews from people I "know" in the blogosphere - thanks! :)

Terry Scoville said...

Blessed, it really is worth the price and if you're not thrilled with Icebreaker, let me know and I'll buy it from you.

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