Monday, March 5, 2012

Spec Hunt Update

This is just a quick nutshell report of my Spring Goose hunt. So far the geese have had it their way. With recent snows and cold temps at night, the possibility of pulling off an early morning sneak is essentially squashed due to loud crunchy snow giving away my every move. The property I have access to is not what the Specs are looking for either. For the most they are interested in fresh green shoots of alfalfa or any type of grasses or leftover oats and grain from last Fall's harvest. Our property is not grazed by cattle and has wonderful cover for typical hunting seasons but not favorable for this hunt. There is much more hunting pressure now than in past years and thus making for very wise quarry. The geese are sky high out of range by the time they cross over river dikes, irrigation canals and are able to drop right down like that of a parachuter hitting their mark safely smack dab in the middle of a 60 acre field. There numbers aren't this high for lack of smarts that's for sure. I've managed to get 3 thus far but that is well below from what I had hoped. I hope that with the coming fore casted rain that this will improve my odds and at least melt the snow and open up some ground for the birds. Sometimes I wish had a wetsuit and snorkel to gain access to these wise geese. Or maybe even spend the night in the ditch and wait for their arrival pre-dawn just so I'd be in position. Ultimately every day is a hypotethis on which way they'll come into the field or even which field they'll use. Or perhaps they'll just sit all day in the Klamath River (which can not be hunted) and go feed after shooting hours.

There is a wonderful abundance of waterfowl arriving and migrating Northward. I have been absolutely covered up with Canada Geese and all types of ducks, but none of them are legal, and they know it. I will be persistent and hope that some lesser educated specs come my way before the season ends on this Saturday. none the less I am savouring every hour laying out there in the field listening to Sandhill Cranes, whistling wings and a plethora of vocals. What a time to be afield, I absolutely love it!  Yep, they got it wired better than I do and they don't call it a wild goose chase for nothing!

I'll be out of blog range til Sunday but please leave a comment if you like and I'll get them published just as soon as I get my waders off !

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