Monday, September 24, 2012

News and Updates

Hello to those of you who are still checking in to see if I am actually still a blogger. The answer is emphatically yes, although I admit to being consumed with other requirements of day to day life, hence my absence. In a nutshell here is what has been keeping me away from writing and connecting with my audience and the blogs I enjoy.

After being without a home for 8 months I finally found my new older home in late April and got moved in. Then I built a shop (28 x 36) with a friend in June and then I got my shop set up and continued to run my business all the while working from another shop. Needless to say I am a very happy woodworker now to be at home and working from my own shop. Have installed 3 new exterior doors on the house and continued to keep an eye on Jet. If you follow this blog you know what an awesome friend she was and an exceptional Pheasant hunter and retriever she was, I still miss her dearly.

I have 2 more major projects before Winter really sets in and those are building my wood shed and getting my fencing done. The slab for the shed (10 x 16) has been completed since late July although extenuating circumstances as in forest fires have prevented my friend from Idaho returning to help me. Well that is about to change come tomorrow when he'll arrive and we start building on Tuesday.
My excavator who happens to be my hunting partner is on a forest fire in Washington state and was going to help with hammering rock, etc for my fencing. Not sure how that project will unfold quite yet but I am sure we'll find a way to make it happen. Larry from Idaho only has so many days because as we all know hunting season is ON in many states or about to begin. That includes yours truly and my deer hunt that starts Sept. 29  this coming Saturday.

Now for the really big news... drum roll please...
I want to introduce you all to my new addition who has little button brown eyes, 4 cute wiggly feet with pads as soft as silk and a face to melt your heart. The one and only DUCE. She comes from a wonderful kennel out in Sister's OR. Kinnaman Retrievers. Here is a link to her parents: Sire  & Dam  I brought Duce home September 14th when she hit 7 weeks of age. She is a real pistol and a confident pup. I have begun school with her albeit basics and a step at a time. Truly baby steps. Her estimated adult weight is approx. 45 - 50 Lbs. which will be much easier to lift than Jet who was 75 - 80 Lbs.  I think Duce may very well be that 1 in a lifetime dog. She is Labrador # 4 for me and I do seem to alternate between Black and Yellow, no color bias here. Anyhow I look forward to sharing our progress in the basics and eventually into the field come next Fall and for many years there after.

Thanks for the kind words regarding Jet and here's to a bright new beginning with Duce. Nobody ever said loving a dog and having to say goodbye was easy. It surely isn't but I won't trade it for all the love they give while being with us.

Be safe out there while hunting and we'll keep you updated with more frequency now that I'm finally getting settled in and projects completed.

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Just Me Yoda Wannabe said...

Glad you're back! I'm sorry about Jet and happy about Duce. I have a black and a yellow. 1 Best dog and 1 pain in in the butt! I look forward to hearing about Duce's progress.

Terry Scoville said...

Michelle, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I do know the "pain in the butt" type and I am glad to say that Duce is not one of those. I am a proud mom and she amazes me daily and is growing so fast. She almost swam today and I know that is not far away. She'll be 10 weeks this Friday.

Jennifer Montero said...

HOoray!! How did I miss this bit of news?!? SO excited, puppies are fantastic and she looks like a cracker. How is she getting on?

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